Enough about me, let's talk about you for a minute...


Hahahahaha. La lang, its the song stuck in my head.
Take me back to 1995. Lol! Come to think about it, 1995 was the year I was introduced to Enya and Alanis. Its also when I adored Cathy Dennis. Waterloo Sunset! Yes! Hahahaha.

WTH I'm so emo right now, Jobiebie showed me this Christian video and they played Lifehouse's EVERYTHING in the background. I got to thinking about the song. I loved it waaaay back highschool, even before Smallville used it as its background music in one of my soopa favorite CLANA scenes. Ahahahahaha. Galing pala, saktong pwede rin siyang Christian song. So I'm listening to it now, together with my favorite Marie Antoinette songs. Nakaka-sad.

Today at service, I was super blessed. I don't know why I keep stopping myself from crying during P&W. Amazing. Its what I really don't want to miss during service. Super nakaka-bless kase.

I got my Ikea chandelier today! Yahoooey! But no its not like Marie Antoinette, hundred pe'cent pure crystal (hahahaha I'm lolling again). Its so pretty! We're putting it up tomorrow, exactly where I planned. Inside that white net which is hanging on top of my bed. Wahooey! Ahahaha.

Andrew and I planned on talking today, but after the service I went home immediately and took a power nap. I was supposed to sleep for 2 hours but I missed my bed so much I ended sleeping for 3. I texted him that I was OL but he didn't reply so I'm guessing he fell asleep na. Kainis, its our monthsary pa naman! Can you imagine, two more months and we're turning 4 years! Yihee! But I swear being in a long distance relationship is super stressful. Most of the time I think I can no longer handle it but most of my friends are telling me that I should be stronger now and less paranoid. Andrew always had this problem with "keeping in touch" with me when we're apart like this. Which is really wrong because its when we need to communicate more. Thing is, I'm the only one who sees it as a problem. Andrew is just chillax. He's always been. And whenever I ask him if he thinks we'd last being this way, he would honestly say YES. You can tell by the sound of his voice. Its hard for me to not be paranoid about everything since I got so used to us being together 24/7. I know everything about him first hand. Now I know about his thoughts and ideas last. What I really hate is knowing what's new with him FROM OUR FRIENDS. That sucks. Its been affecting my work. Last week my boss told me that I should focus on my job because I've been screwing up a little. That's one of the things I hate about myself. Whenever I have a problem, it totally affects everything I do.

Wow. Hello Sunshine! The Earth Says HELLO! Ahahahahahaha. Seryoso, I just got up. Walang hilamos at mumog yan! ...... Okay, ew. Oh, I love that photo of Jason watching me sleep (kuno) awww! Those were taken today lang. Err yesterday pala. Hahahaha.

Lance introduces me to new scenespirations. Of course you already know how much I love Hanna. He's shown me a lot more after I found out about her but Brookelle is the sheettack! He sent me like a hundred links to her photos. Okay about 20 something. Ahahahahaha. Thanks Lancyboo.

I love you. Don't leave me! *sob*

The feeling that I used to tell you about? Yung parang I can sense that there's a big change coming? I can feel it again. I swear it sucks. Most of the time it scares me. Tsk. I tried something really silly, I signed up for this free astrology reading and it said that an astronomical transit is coming my way, like second week of December to early January. It said that if I didn't grab the chance I would miss out on a big opportunity in my life. Hmm. I ditched astrology a long time ago. But for some reason this thing has been really bugging me nao.


I love you Kevin! Hahahaha! Cake I just saw his BUTTHASH HERO vid a few hours ago. I posted in my Multi but saved it as draft muna. Laughtrip super! Hahahaha.

Oh and I saw Footloose just last night. PANALO. I can't can't can't wait for the remake. Yay, Zefron! Haha! BTW have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose? She plays "Rusty" and OMG her teeth! Her teeth! I will always love her voice though, like a child with husky voice. Its like her trademark diba? Funny that its how she is even in the 80's. And I thought HOCUS POCUS would be one of my most unforgettable favorite (SJP) flicks as a child. I swear I would pull Mama's hair whenever she's in the scene. "OMG MA! LOOK AT HER! HAHAHAHAHA!" But I wasn't mocking SJP or anything. I was just amazed. Me? Mocking SJP? Not in a million years. I will always love that woman. Please please please let SATC THE MOVIE hit the screens when I'm back home.

I don't really like Soulja Boy. Crankin' I like. Ahahahaha. Jaybo just sent me a link to that vid where Travis Barker remixed that Soulja Boy track "Crank That". I agree with my McLovin' boys. SO MUCH BETTER! I was like "WO!" when I saw the vid! Amazing.

Bad news, Lizzerrino (she called me Abberinno recently. Ahahahahha!)and I are having problems with our flight schedules next year. Oh noes. OH NOES! So please pray for my dearest Sarah and I. May we find a solution to this problem so we can finally be broke-ass female dogs when we get back from Manila. Ahahahahaha! But seriously. Please do. Not about being broke though.

So there.
Heading to dreamland in a few.
Any takers?