Life is a female dog.

Don't even try to guess what my meme has been for this week.

Camille Agcaoili, I love you for always making my day. I cannot wait wait wait to finally meet you. Haaaay. I swear lately, when we chat we have this really weird....trips. Hahahahahaha! Panalo. Cake and I have been naturally high for some reason. I love her so much. Check out the multiply template she made for me in my personal multiply account. Panalo!!!!


Uyyy friends sila! Hahaha lol. Oh and look! I barely have make-up on! Can you see my mole? I have like 9 moles in my face PALANG ha. Hahahaha!

Oh and guess what, I've started writing my short stories! Yay! Haha posting them soon. I'm emotionally stressed now. Inaway ko nanaman si Andrew. Hmp. Its not my fault, people. Don't look at me like that!

Anyways, can't say much. Gotta go to bed or I'll be all woozy and grumpy again tomorrow. And I've seen my assigned claims. They're in effing worm writing. Hmp. Wish me luck with that. I love everyone who dropped by. Will reply to comments asap. Career mode ako sa short stories ko so I can post the link on my sidebar soon and you can go have a look-see-see-see. Ahahaha.

Yay, Hannabeth updates! Lol.

This morning, I had the weirdest dream. Ever.
Okay maybe not, but you get my point.

I love you Lance, Jaybo, Allan and Apple! Lol. Chatting with them now.