Once Fcukstains, always Fcukstains.

The first time I saw her was during the Seventeen Favorite Model Search Go-see at the Summit Office. I was just getting out of the room when a familiar face walks past me. Turns out it was her big sister.

I didn't really get to talk to her until about two weeks later, during our first ever shoot for Seventeen, for the August 2005 issue. I sat on Toto's red couch, about a meter away from her. She had her cellphone in hand, and I had my hair tied up in several buns, I was picking up where I've left off in The Da Vinci Code.

"Anong year mo na?"

That was, one of the first things we ask each other.

"Fourth year. Ikaw?"
"Fourth year ka na? Akala ko high school ka palang! Hahahaha! Ako first year."

"Anong name mo?"
"Hey Abbie, tara picture tayo."

And then the rest is what we would all call HISTORY.

Regardless of who her father is, who her mother is, and who her siblings are, you'd forget that this girl sitting next to you is considered a celebrity. She is pathetically one of the most real girls I've come to know. And I consider myself lucky to be a friend that she would say she misses. Ahahahahaha. But seriously. I guess from a fan's point of view, I understand why some people hate her or don't get her. Its because they don't know her. That's just how she really is, she would practice her right to freedom of expression for all she cares. She doesn't care if she would look silly or sound silly or whatever. Of course she knows her limits. She's not naive. But she is who she is. And it would be up to you whether you would want to take her or leave her.

We don't hang out all the time, but she has her own ways of making you feel like you don't really miss out on all the big details on her life. We don't chat much, we don't text much, we don't talk on the phone much. But for some reason she never made me feel like we lost touch. We have our own way of showing each other that we care, we share our biggest secrets with each other when we have time. Guy problems, kilig moments...

She knows when to be tough, and when to go soft on you. She's made me feel what my other friends can't make me feel. She has this way of showing you that she appreciates you for you who are. With her simple gestures of putting her arms around your shoulder when you walk around, or leaning on your shoulder, resting her arms around your arms, and one of my most favorite Saab-lambings is when she doesn't air -kiss you but actually kiss you on the temple when you meet up, or hug you super tight because you haven't seen each other in a while? I feel super loved. It makes me miss her so much.

Once you get to know her, you cannot NOT love her. There's a lot more to her than you think. She's definitely full of surprises. I will always love her, I will always be her friend, and I will always be her fan.

Fcukstain, no matter what happens, I just want you to know that you always have my back in everything that you do. And I know that we haven't really hung out much, but thank you because you never fail to make me feel that I will always have our friendship and that nothing, even distance can break the bond that we started to build two years ago. Thank you for making me feel worthy of having you as a friend.

You're one of my favorite girls, fcukstain. And its not because you're famous and loved by many. Its because you are what you are, and you just inspire me to keep it real - ALWAYS. And that no matter how many people stick knives in my back, what matters is that I'm true to myself and the people around me. What matters is I have a family to love. And another fcukstain by my side always (in your case, si SP. Ahahahahha).

Pano ba yan, I'm missing out on your party. Promise when I get back, let's hire some strippers. Ahahahaha. Shopping nalang tayo.

I miss you. See you in a few months, and always remember that I am here for you. My ears are soopadoopa q-tipped for any new chi-chi you wanna share with me. Of course if you have any problems, I'm just an IM (and text) away.

(Grabbed from Saab's Multiply account. Photo : Micheal John David [for Steph Nepomuceno] Make up : Saab Magalona. Text/Doodle: Abbie Almasco)


xx -- Your Fcukstrot

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