Orignal Glazed.

So yeah, as I told you in my vlog, today's (make that last night) the grand opening of Krispy Kreme in Jeddah. I just arrived a few minutes ago. Such an amazing experience. Ahahahaha! Merely 10 minutes after I got in line, a girl came near me with a camera in hand and said "Hi, I'm from Fainak magazine, its an online magazine launching on the end of this month." Then she handed me a card. "Would you mind if I took your photo? It would be uploaded there, check the website at the back of the card, but it won't be up until the end of this month. The magazine covers events like this too, and since you're here, well..." And then she took her camera out. "Are you with your family?" But Ma didn't want to be in the photo so I asked this girl that was in line behind me to join me and she willing ly did. When she asked for our names, the other girl said "A.B." and I said "ABBIE", and A.B. said, "Really? That's what my friends call me too!" When we got back into our queue, she tapped me on the shoulder and said "Nice meeting you", and I said the same thing in return.

We were in line for nearly an hour. It was packed, I swear. And man, the cute guys lined up on the other side of the entrance. Ahahahahaha! (Lol, I love you Babe! I miss you!! Haha! )

We ordered a dozen (in assorted flavors. Go figure. Hahahaha) and I tried a Chocolate Chiller. Most of the guys working there were Filipinos, so I was like smiling at them and all. It was nice seeing kababayans. After we paid, Ma and I stood at one corner waiting for my drink to be handed to us, when this one Pinoy guy came out of the counter and asked what we ordered for again. He went in and came back with it and said "Next time ka nalang bumawi sakin ah" and then I just smiled and nodded, I didn't really know what he meant but anyway, just as we were about to leave, Ma turned to me and said "Why don't we get another box?" And I said it was the right thing to do since we were already there. So she signaled "1 more box" to the guy who handed me my drink. He came out with a box and said "Sige na", and smiled.

OHMYGOLLYGOSH. BY THE BEARD OF ZEUS!!! I GOT A DOZEN KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS FOR FREE!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!!!! The best. Kase naman, when I was back home I didn't have time to go all the way to the Fort (or Megamall) just to get me a box.

I LOVE YOU KRISPY KREME! Hahaha buti nalang clients namin yung mga may-ari, baka next week hindi na House of Donuts ang dadalhin ng mga boss namin sa work para samin, Krispy Kreme na! Ahahaha!

I downloaded Emmy Rossum's album. I tried DLing it right after I saw her vid on YouTube (remember my SLOW ME DOWN entry? Uhuh), but I couldn't find her album yet. After I saw Tinka post about this in Multiply, she kind of reminded me about it again. So I found it this time and I DLed away! Yay!

But I'm totally loving Ingrid Michaelson's KEEP BREATHING. It played on Grey's Anatomy's season three finale (saw it last night lang on YouTube. Panalo, brought me to tears. I love you Sandra Oh!)

My flight will be moved. Secret nalang kung kailan. I'm surprising Drew baybeh.
"SUPPLIES!" Hahahaha.