Shakespeare is dead.

I rode a horse with a white knight once.
And I will never forget it.

Whatever happened to the hopeless romantics in all of us?

I mean, things change. That I get. But love? Doesn't that have to be one of the things that have to remain constant in this world?

I don't think our ways of showing our significant others should change at all. Seriously. For some reason, I prefer snail mails over e-mails. Phonecalls in my landline number than texting (its not really how people back then would do it, I just like landline phone calls. hahaha ). I also never liked using webcams, for some reason I find it really awkward. But I have done it TWICE ( the first time the webcam was on me, the second time, it was on my shoulders and focused on my room. hahahaha ).

My point is, nothing will ever beat how our ancestors (lol) did it.
The serenading and all that. Back then, I would watch a Dolphy or an FPJ film, and it was never without the ultimate harana song.


I would cringe. "That's such a silly song!"
Who would've thought, years after I made that statement, that it would be something I would be looking for at this point of our generation. Not that I'm complaining about my relationship or anything, but...

Where have all the white knights gone? Are they all married already? Have they gotten some girl knocked up? Are they out of the country? Are they...dead?

Methinks all of the above.
What happened to the Shakespeare in all of us? What happened to the people looking for love? For genuine love? What happened to " AGAINST ALL ODDS " and " YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD? ". Can we blame it on how we all have been living our lives these days? Everything comes so easy. So does love?

Back then, people would go through SO MUCH before they got what they really wanted. Thinking about it, it was better that way. We can learn to truly appreciate it when it finally lands in our hands.

When it comes to love, is there really such a thing as "right" and "wrong" ? Are there no gray areas? Can't you just do things because you want to? Because you feel its right even when other people think its wrong?

Whoever said love isn't complicated? Easy? Are you serious??
Love is supposed to be complicated. Only then can love really work. Or not. Depending on what type of relationship you're in.

Love letters. Chocolates. Flowers. Cliche? Yes. But no.
The key ingredient for this to work is SINCERITY.

Where where where are the sparks. I know they're in there somewhere. And with that said -- where have all the real MEN gone?

What happened to things like -- singing out loud in front of your friends for you? Kneeling when saying sorry? Coming late to school carrying a big ass sports bag only to take out a bouquet of flowers for you because he didn't forget your "monthsary" ? Trying to steal a kiss when no one is looking? Sending you emails as soon as he gets home? Calling you every single day even if you've spent the entire day with him? Making everything about you (including his YM status message)? Telling your friends how in love he is with you? Cheeseballs? Passing you short, sweet notes everyday? Composing poems for you? Popping out of nowhere to say "I love you" ? Secretly holding your hand under the table?

Will these things change too? Do they have to? Why?
I want my children to feel the things I have when I'm in love. I'd like them to experience waking up almost every hour just smiling to themselves thinking that they've got the person they truly want and love in their lives. I'd like them to feel watching the sunset one day and realizing how that particular one felt so different from the rest. I'd like them to experience staring into nothingness just replaying every moment spent with the people they love in their heads.

I'd like them to learn that love is not easy. It never was, and it never should be.
I'd like them to be hopeless romantics like me.

"Anak, its not always about doing the right thing, what's right in everybody's eyes. Its about what you feel. How you feel. Don't let anything get in your way. Love will ALWAYS conquer everything. When you love, stand by it. Fight for it. But when you're not sure, don't ever promise. Learn the art of compromising, because everything can be settled when you talk about it. And when you make big decisions, talk about it together. There are no rules in love, anak. I can't tell you though how true love feels like, you'll know it in your guts. You are never too young to fall in love. There is no such thing as 'I'm too young to feel this way'. Love knows no age. It comes at any point in our lives. You do have the choice to want it or not want it. But make sure its what you want. What you both want. Remember everything you said, the promises you made. Don't forget to communicate always. When you feel that something isn't right, talk about it. Respect your relationship and everything you've gone through. Never chicken out if you have problems. Face them together. Don't go marching out there alone. I want you to love truly, anak. I want you to be loved back, too. Because every person deserves to be loved that way. If you want to give it your all, I have nothing against that. Just make sure your partner is doing the same. Only you can tell if its mutual, and it is reciprocated. Nothing beats the feeling of being with someone you truly love. Every relationship goes through rough times, make sure you don't let go just because you're facing a problem. I'm always here for you if you need advice.

Alam mo anak, I knew a Shakespeare when I was your age. It was wonderful. I hope you get to know one, I hope he finds you -- and I hope he doesn't let you go."

Kind of exciting, isn't it?
I do pray, by that time, the kind of love that we knew still exists.

Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo. Where art thou thy Romeo?
Oh, I know where he is. But I'm not saying.