"Why was your face glowing in the night?"

"Papaaaaaa! Eeeeeeh!"
"Oh, okay, okay I know!"

Lately my Papa would tease me A LOT about Andrew. Seriously. Like, OMG sometimes he would even call me at work. The latest meme is: "Why were you so happy last night? Why was your face glowing in the night?" ZOMG. Ahahahahahahaha! Of course he meant it as a joke, my Papa isn't an extreme cheeseball like me, doi! He likes teasing me a lot, especially when he comes home from work and sees me on the computer, talking to Drew. Ahahahaha, I'm lolling bigtime!

EYNIWAY (HappySlip overload - watched TANKS over 10 times, exagge).

Sorrey, single L lang ang Chandelier.

Finally its ALMOST done. Bleh, I'm not even done painting the walls! And my curtains! I need scene curtains. Last night I lit it up and I daydreamed while listening to Ingrid Michealson. Amazing. I miss doing that. Back in HS, watching the sunset was ALWAYS part of my day. I can watch it from my bed, you see. It always gave me time to reflect. Sometimes I even lit up candles and wrote on my journal. I always had ME TIME. I miss ME TIME nao.

Speaking of high school, Ma got me pizza from Chuck'e'Cheese's. Ahahahahaha. I smiled as I gobbled away.

It was 9 PM and Ann calls me.
"Abbie! Tara punta tayong Chuck'e'Cheese's! Kakabukas lang niya, kakilala ni Daddy yung owner. Punta tayo dun, libre lahat pati food!"

"As in now na?"

"Oo! Ano ka ba, ihahatid ka naman namin pauwi. Nandito si Ban, Jayson tsaka si Ajin. Sasama si Jaja! Tara, go!"

"Mmm... K."

We super had fun. Exagge. Hahahahah! Nagsabog kami ng ka-otistikan sa Chuck'e'Cheese's. Kamusta naman yun. Hello, bump cars. Hahahahaha! We were such bullies that night. I mean we made fun of the other kids (hello, we're like 4, 7 years older than most of the kids there) who looked like people we bullied in school too! Ahahahahahaha! OMG. But just to clarify things, we don't like physically push them around ha. We just made fun of those people because...well, they asked for it, and we just know them well, we don't bully because of how they dress or look. Ahahahahahaha! But yeah, it was an uber un night! I went home like 12 AM. My parents were furious. Lol.

So I was channel surfing as soon as I got home and I saw the making of Transformers on VH1. It was my first time to see Shia smile that wide. And then I saw a dimple! OHMIGAAAAAAA. Ahahahaha. I know I don't brag as much as Janny about her obsession on Shia LaBeouf, but you guys (my blog readers most especially) know that I have crushed on Shia since his semi post-Even Stevens-then-Full Throttle days! With his semi-fro and all. Ahahahahaha! Aww. Janny, is Shia dating anyone nao aside from the two of us? Lol.

Posting this late because the dsl was effed up last night.