We will cause our own death.

Come to think of it. With the way we have been living our lives these days, its somewhat similar to suicide.

God made this earth, and God made us to live in it.
The way we value everything he created is one of the tests He has for us.
I mostly find it hard watching the news or reading the paper these days. There are barely any "heavy" good news to watch and read.

What are we doing with our lives?
What's the point of all the hating? The killing? The raping? The abusing?
Aren't you scared of what could possibly happen to your souls when you die?
Have you done anything sensible today? Did you even pray? Did you make good use of another day God has given you to live?

Have you lost hope? Like I did?
There is so much evil now. On most days I wished the second coming would be in the next 5 minutes. I'm no saint. But if its what it takes for a new beginning, for a better world, then yes. I am willing to die according to God's will. I have God by my side and in my heart. That's what matters.

And then there's animal cruelty.

The other day I asked Mama why God wasn't doing anything to save the Dolphins from being slaughtered yearly in Japan (after I saw the vid on Kaye's multiply account, I didn't have time to load it when I was reading Saab's blog). I wanted God to make a miracle. I wanted him to save the Dolphins. I wanted him to save every animal abused and killed for their fur and meat. Some people are just idiots to not get it. The only acceptable time to do that is when you're in dire need of it. Like being stuck in an island and you have nothing to eat and nothing to keep you warm. If God used animal clothing to keep Adam and Eve warm, let's not compare to how things were then to how things are NOW. Don't we have enough clothing to keep us warm? Do we need to kill animals for it?

Michael Jackson's THE EARTH SONG

In the end, we will cause our own deaths.
In the end, this world will die along with our souls, for we have already lost them years ago when all this chaos started to happen.

I feel so restless.
I want to do something about this.
But no one will listen.

I bet no one even read this blog entry entirely.
Its not that I want to be heard. I want my message to be heard.

If we don't start the change now, WHEN?
This world can no longer be a better place for our children, our children's children, and our children's grandchildren to live in. We are so consumed by evil that we forget to look back and realize the true essence of this life. Of the very reason why God died for US.

Shame on you. Shame on me. Shame on us.
I don't know how some of us manage to go to church AND not change.

I trust my life into YOUR hands, God.
And I will continue to pray for a miracle until the day I see you.
Even if I won't get to be here when that miracle happens.
I want a better world.
I hope for a better world.
Only YOU can make that happen. Please help us make it happen.

For the animals. And for us.