What you are ain't WHO you are.

My personal mantra.

Today, I got to thinking about people. How we limit ourselves because of our gender, our race, and our beliefs. I wish we can all find a way to get out of the cages society built us.

I hate that gender affects how we are as people. Generally, we are all human beings. Man, Woman, Sheman, Homan, Whatman, whatever. It is perfectly normal for a man to feel weakness. And it is perfectly normal for a woman to be strong. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see the day when men are finally free from all the masochism sh*t they have to put up with and just be THEMSELVES. JUST BE HUMAN. Okay sure, they have to stand up for a lot of things, BUT I hope they stop "ACTING" the part. Geddit? Boys cry, even men cry. Deal with it.

I cannot wait to see the day when gays and lesbians are finally accepted. Its not their choice to be that way. They just turned out to be that way. To be in their situation is very complicated. And I really do give them snaps because they are the ones who have embraced who they really are, and are willing to fight for their right as people. I know God never mentioned "IN BETWEENS" in the Bible, but they are still children of God. Most of the gay and lesbian people I know are religious, and I believe that GOD UNDERSTANDS. I don't know, there is no proof of this but its what I think. God never hates. Let's stop pointing our filthy hands at them. I'm no saint. You're no saint. We're all sinners. Pulling off a Pontius Pilate just won't work.

Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latins? Culture, Skin color, Language. Those are the only things that set us apart from each other. Aside from that, what else? We all feel the same things. We all love, we all hate. We all feel happiness and pain. We are all capable of doing great things. We can do what the whites do, the blacks can do what we do, the latins can speak our language, yada-yada-yada. It all lies in our hands. If we want to, we can. Nothing is impossible. No two people, even from the same family, even from the same country, even from the same continent ARE ALIKE. We are all different in our own way. I don't see why we should stereotype people for what they are. Its just not right.

Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Adventists, Mormons... Our beliefs DO NOT define who we are as people. I have learned to accept that not all people believe in the things that I do. I think its because I have friends who practice different religions but we never let it get in the way of our friendship. In fact, our relationship is a lot more interesting since we get to share the difference of our practices. I don't think God would want us fighting over our religion being the RIGHT religion, and that the rest of the other religions are practicing it wrong. Even if its worshipping Buddha (and not God) still does not give us the right to prove Buddhists that they won't get anything good out of it. RESPECT THEM. RESPECT THEIR BELIEFS. Religion is not supposed to set us apart from each other. Its supposed to unify us. Do you think God is actually cheering for you when you take people down with your righteous speech on "IM GOING TO HEAVEN, YOU'RE NOT?". Spreading God's word is NEVER wrong but don't make reach a point when you start to act all smug saying something like that. From what I've heard in church, all that God wants is for you to accept Him in your heart. I don't actually recall anything about taking people down if they don't read the Bible, or if they don't believe in the things that YOU do.

I hope we can all live freely. According to what we want, according to who we really are. All we need to know is to properly distinguish right from wrong. Now or Never. Today or Tomorrow. YOU.

Lahat tayo tao. Yun nalang paka-isipin natin. TAO TAYO, at TAO LANG TAO. Yun lang yun. Lahat tayo nagkasala. May karapatan lang tayong magturo ng daliri kung may ginawa ang ibang tao saatin ng masama. Pero wag tayong humusga ng iba dahil lang magkakaiba tayo ng opinyon.

But what makes it really complicated is this:
We ARE human. And we err.

Where do I stand again??