Will you love me now that I'm smart -

- looking? Lol.

When I was in grade school, I was top of my class. I was accelerated once, from 4th to 5th grade. I was a straight A student.

Contrary to the belief that “unica hijas” are spoiled brats, well I am living proof that this isn’t true. Most of the time, I had to earn for whatever I wanted. When it came to my grandparents though, it was a different story. They were me genies. Just say the word and whatever you wished for would magically appear on both of their hands. Ahahaha.

ANYWAY. One of the most unforgettable dog cookies I got was this Barbie I saw at the local mall (I was in Palawan). I told Ma I really wanted to have one, so she told me that if I got a hundred on all my exams she would get it for me. I worked extra hard for it, sometimes I would only get 98% on some tests (lol). When I got my report slip, I immediately asked my Teacher if I could run home for a few minutes (home was literally 40 steps away. 20 if you run. Ahahaha) – and I did just that. It was one of the most glorious moments of my life. I felt so proud of myself. It wasn’t the first time I aced all my exams then, but for some reason that certain time just felt extra special.

It all changed when I moved to the middle east. At 6th grade, I placed ninth in class. A lot of things were going on until I didn’t really care about academics anymore. And for some reason, I felt happy being average.

Sometimes I wished I was still as “interested” in acads (in high school) as I was in grade school. Sometimes I wish I paid more attention in class, than wandering off to Nevaevaevaland on most days. I did remain focused on some subjects though. Like Literature and Music. I’d get pretty low and average grades from the rest. Don’t even get me started on Math. PLEASE. Sometimes I think I still hurt Pop. He’s a successful CPA. He used to teach back home, and he’s considered one of the notorious professors in this uni in Palawan. When I was younger, I would watch him correct his students’ papers. I would never forget all those big ass question marks he writes on them. He just looks at it for barely 20 seconds and he knows if its partly correct. Are the answers wrong? Is the solution right? Or is the solution right? And the answers wrong?

There are times when I just feel sorry about myself, for not being the student that I really am.

I remember wanting to give 90% to school, and not 60%. But high school was just too much fun. I wasn’t the smartest in class, but I didn’t get the lowest grades. I would get really high grades, but they come in season, like summer. Ahahaha.

I have no regrets, really. But sometimes I just wished I paid more attention, that’s all. You geddit? Lol.

You might say that I am no longer "smart", or at all -- but life has been good. I'm blessed to know that I have experienced what it was like to be on top of the world. Academically speaking.

My advice to all my blog readers who are still in school: Make everyday count. Always bring your digital camera and take loads of videos (like me). You'll love watching them every now and then.

And to my fellow "fresh-out-of-school-and-into-the-gruesome-industry-of-working-your-buns-off" peeps : Let us all be reminiscent together and wish we would wake up to just one of our high school mornings and when money came easy. Ahahahaha.

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