You hypebeast clone!

You always make me barf. My Choclit Cake - Camille Agcaoili and I were chatting about you last night and how much you make us want to shove our footsies up your stinky buns. Ugh. You are such a feeler. You're the biggest losaar I know.

SO. I fixed my room (again) today. And we set up the stuff I got from Ikea properly this time. But its not really "fixed" yet, ifykwim. And I'm getting Hanna-inspired curtains when we go to Haraj.

I feel like a Princess! Will post photos of it without my bed cover on, I love my comforter! Eeee!

At 3 AM, Cams and I were chatting about, well a lot of stuff (and a lot of chi-chi), when suddenly an idea popped into my head. Ahahahaha. I made a new blog! Its where I'm gonna be posting all the creative whacko juices, like the MTVs I've been directing in my head for a song that I like. The short stories I've been telling you about, and who knows, maybe poems and songs, too! Basta all my (ahem) creative crap, I'll be posting it there. As soon as I'm done figuring everything out, I'll post the blog link here. But the blog is up na. Just nothing in it yet. Hahahaha. By February I might even make like fanvids, or my own MTV! Ahahahahaha! Okay ba?

I dyed my hair black again. Ang weird kase, after barely a week it washed off! Walang kwenta ang Garnier! Lol just kidding. I used it again. Ahahahahahah.

I love Chocolate Glazed too! Yum yum!!!

I watched Marie Antoinette again today, and all its special features while and after fixing my room. Heehee! Panalo talaga yung Cribs with Louis XVI. It makes me laugh every time I watch it! "THESE ARE MY DAWGS...SOMETIMES WHEN I'M SAD, I LOOK INTO HIS EYES AND IT GIVES ME STRENGTH!". Mind you, his (Jason Schwartzman) "dawgs" are actually half-bodied Roman-looking statues!!! Ahahahahaha!

I never liked the Pussycat Dolls - EVER. But I'm starting to love Nicole big time! I'm downloading her album right now! Her "Baby Love" video seriously got me considering buying a small yacht for me and Babe. NORLY! I asked my Mom if it would cost millions and she said it would depend. Hell no, I won't get anything that reaches a million. Ahahahaha! Just a small yacht for me and my Babe to cruise on. How's that for a plan, eh? Hahahaha. BUT. First thing's first. CAR. WEDDING. MALDIVES. I know I've got God by my side to help us make it happen. Wahooey! And guess what, I started "saving" now! Medyo gagastos lang ng konti when Ann comes here by December. Sakto sa Winter sale! YES.

"HANGIN' AROUND, NOTHING TO DO BUT FROWN...RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS ALWAYS GETS ME DOWN..." Don't you just love The Carpenters? Have you heard Emmy Rossum's version of this? WOW. Emmy Rossum talaga is ENYA+IMOGEN HEAP! And yes, part FROU FROU too. Download her album!!! She rocks, man.

Have you tried Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit? I bought the entire "line", except for the shower gel cause I'm getting a kilo (maybe half? lol) of Karma from Lush soon. Man, Pink Grapefruit! The smell is amazing. It would make people wanna eat you up when you walk past them. Ahahahahaha! When I apply the lip balm, I always end up biting my lips! Seriously!

Hala, I'm turning into Droopy.
All y'all know what this means.

(Miss you Leeobryan Mallari Lim!)