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But don't take me out from your links!
I'll be back as soon as...
I'll be back.
And as I always say "Don't hold your breath though!"

Will miss y'all!

Merry Christmas you guys!
(Happy Birthday Papa Jesus!)
and Have a blessed New Year!

Happy Birthday, Pop! (lol)


Would you want more cheese in that?

March 8 2004
I remember feeling so excited about how the future would turn out to be that I forgot how to live day by day. Enjoy what I have as of the moment. The last time I was in the relationship, I thought way ahead. I wanted a pretty big house. Just enough for all 5 of us. I wanted 3 kids, girl first. I wanted to settle down abroad, I always imagined my firstborn daughter sitting at my hubby’s lap while he reads her stories by late afternoon at the couch outside the porch. On how the sunset would reflect on their faces. On how my daughter would end up sleeping on her dad’s shoulders. Just the thought of it makes me cry. That’s gonna be another chapter of my life. But then all those dreams faded. I thought I had found that one person I could spend the rest of my life with. But I just thought way ahead. And I fell for all those plans. They were marked in my stupid head that things were SUPPOSED to end up the way I had pictured it. With the person I had pictured it.

But things change. They can get better. Lucky for me, I believe it did.

It came through Andrew.

There are times when I would find myself going there – to that dream. But I stop myself. I have learned the art of living each day to the fullest. Sure we do talk about children but we don’t really take it that seriously. C’mon, we have a lot of time for that. :D I’m just leaving it all up to God.

For now, there’s just so much to love about Andrew. The innocence, the sweetness, the doodles he writes at the back pages of his notebook, the *blinks* he does, his smile, his arms, the way he gets jealous and still deny it, the way he’s give me kisses on my cheeks for more than 5 times (hehehe…), the way he hugs me SOOO tight, and the way he pinches my nose, and would you believe? The green jokes. I have eventually learned how to “ride on”. And we’d laugh of course. There’s also so much to know. I do think it’s not easy for Andrew to open up about his feelings sometimes. When I got to read the stuff at his notebook I was shocked… in a good way. I never knew that’s how deep his thoughts and feelings were. About me. He’s like this male version of me and it irritates me sometimes, cause I see myself in him, and I go : “ OH MY GAWD! …that’s how irritating I am! “… Funny I found my very own “katapat”… :D

May 07 2004
I was on a ride home and I was thinking about Andrew the whole time. And then I thought of the things we do when we're together. When we just sit, talk and cuddle...I'd tell him about my childhood, and he'd tell me stories,too... and then we'd just laugh about the stuff we tell each other... and then in between our conversations we'd just stare at each other and I'd smile at him...then his hand would rub on my back...then the times he'd hug me and he'd feel my tummy...the times when he'd lean on my shoulder then gimme this really tight hug...then I'd feel him breathing on my neck...and then we'd just sit there...talking about how we feel...

He changed a lot. And it just feels good that he's learned how to be more open when it comes to how he feels for me. I just love it whenever he tells me how he feels.

And then it hit me, on that way home. While I was in the van with PINK BUNNY in my arms. How I just love telling him stories, and how I love the way he always listens to me even when he's really tired and sleepy... I could do that. I could wake him up when it's sunrise...while we're just lying there...and then I'd just tell him my thoughts...and then he'd still listen... and then I thought of how happy I really am with him...and then all those... just started to make me cry.

For the first time in my life...I cried with tears of joy over a guy.

Hey, don't find it weird. It's just how it really is. I'm not just in love.


July 03 2004
My Mum brought us at Ed's place last Friday night ta sleep over, (me and Drew..) They were all like "Asteeg! Your mom let you sleep over wit Drew?" hehe. Well, that's how close me and my Mum are. And that's how much she trusts both of us. I feel so lucky. My mum just doesn't know how much. But I am. I feel so fortunate.And I may not be Bill Gate's daughter, I feel like one of the richest kids...filled wit God's blessings. *sigh*.

Grabe. feels so good to wake up next ta him again. Thing is, when I woke up he was already awake, and he had his big arms around me..I even caught him staring at me. Haha. :D As much as I hate him looking at me, I just LOOVE it whenever he does. What irony. :D There was this time when I was falling asleep, and I just peeked and he was staring! He's like... "Ang cute!!!" hehe. Aww. *kilig* thing I love is whenever we'd do that nose to nose thing and he'd end up kissing it. Gawd, that guy just loves pinching my nose. I don't see anything so different about it. Mmm...

September 25 2004

3 days ago was MR.CET. Hehe. It was a big day for my Baby. It was a big day for me,too. I had to be his P.A. in which I volunteered to be. No one else had to be. :D It was one heck of a day that I wouldn't forget. One of the "moments" is when he was in his formal attire and he was looking at me,I gave him a flying kiss and he kissed me back! haha. Minus the hands, of course. :D My Baby won Best in Formal Attire and Model's Pick. :) After the pageant I ran ta him backstage and gave him a big hug. :D And of course, it feels good ta actually be there backstage ta dress him up, fix his hair, and we even manage ta give each other a kiss before he goes onstage! :D :D :D It feels good ta pick up after him. hehe. After the pageant, we both decided not ta go back to the dorm since it was 9P.M., we ate dinner at Arroz...his hands were on my waist, and he just kept pulling me closer ta him,and he kept thanking me. That night, he was nothing but extra sweet ta me. He forced ta sit beside me at Arroz even if we both couldn't fit on my side of the table, and he just kept giving me a peck on the cheek. Then he'd just keep saying " alam mo, mahal kita!" over and over...*kilig*... :) And then we crashed at Ed's, before we hit the sack we sat on the parking space and we stargazed. We were looking for our very own constellation. I found one that was sorta like a diamond when you connect them, and when I pointed it out to him I said, "do you know that 'diamonds last forever?' " Then he said, "Talaga? Sige, yan na lang ung constellation natin! :) " ... Aww... Because just like us, we both would want our love ta be like a diamond. Something that lasts forever.

Oh man, and its not even close to Valentines Day.
Oh shoot me, I am totally head-over-heels-over-mountaintops-and-popsicles in love.
And that didn't even make sense.
But I am.


I'm becoming this.

In this life, there really is no one else we can turn to but GOD.
Grabe. Grabe. Grabe.

I have to keep this vibe in for the next *bleep* months 'til I see Andrew again.
For the meantime, Ann will be coming here next week. And we're going to raid Toppys and Zara and and Mango and God knows what else. After this I swore to my Momma that I would never go shopping again until I get home, because there's something a WHOLE LOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN TOPPYS THIS TIME. OMG and you never thought it was possible.

And let's not jinx it. I'll keep praying for it nalang.
God knows what is needed to be done.
And I CLAIM IT - IT WILL HAPPEN. I have God in my heart and in my life to make it happen.

Even if I still get visits from my ex friend - the black horned red monster sometimes.

Oh and Ma went to Haraj (biggest flea market in Jeddah) yesterday, she got me this genuine DKNY bag for like SR 5. And its in effing good condition!!! Panalo.

Sige ha, replying to comments soon.
Just sharing a little. I miss blogging. I miss you guys!

I'm not making my traditional yearender in the same way this year.
I'll work on it soon though.


I saw that one coming!


I took out my CBOX because what I thought was gonna happen did happen! Someone tagged me about seeing Andrew and some girl in ATC daw sweet to each other. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Actually I told Andrew just now and we laughed together.
You should've seen our faces.

And you know why we found it really funny? Nah, maybe not.

So sorry to everyone who dropped me a message in my CBOX!!! Ack. Andrew advised me not to take it out and just ignore comments like those but I don't want to see other people waste their time on nothing, so...

I do appreciate all your comments I swear.
Man, that was a good one.


"Seek and you shall find...."

When you want the truth, ask it from no one else -- BUT GOD.
If you trust him enough, He will give it to you.

Today God showed me something.

I didn't sleep at all last night.
I went to work today feeling (and looking) like crass.
But what matters is that its all good now.
Okay relax. Saying it won't jinx it.

Also, always remember that when you bring back the closeness that you have with God, your ex-friend, that black-horned red monster will come pouncing at you anytime.

This is one of my most toughest phases in life.
I've lost my appetite to eat because of this.
And I sleep less, too.
Its a turning point.

If others can do it, so can we.
If he says "DON'T WORRY" -- then don't.

I'm sorry I haven't been replying to comments. Boo.
I'm just trying to let it all out now, finding my way back to that old happy yellow brick road I was walking on. Right now I'm in the Forbidden Forest.

For the people close to me and who care, please pray for us. We really do need your prayers right now. That's the most you can do. Thanks ah. God bless you all.

Must make two banners to hang on my office cubicle and my room saying this:


I had a relapse.

I don't know anymore.
I can't.

It might change tomorrow.
Pray for it.


It's (not) too late to you mean it (doodeedo doodeedoo doo)

Always remember that SORRY is not a word to be taken for granted. Not a word to be overused. Not a word to say when you’re not sincere about it.

When you say SORRY, try your best to never do what caused you to apologize, ever again.

In other words, don’t walk on the path I’m walking.

I apologized so many times to Andrew whenever I was playing Dick Tracy on him for more than a couple of times this week. Afterwards I would say “Sorry. I was just wondering.”

Totally not right.

When your boyfriend asks you to trust him, and you can see it in his eyes that he means it – TRUST HIM. Don’t listen to all the loud noises in your head. If the things you hear in there worry you, and you know would make things worse – SHUT IT UP. PRAY. Ask for peace and guidance. God does not whisper things that make you doubt, no. That’s the black-horned red monster you’re hearing. DON’T LISTEN TO IT like I did. It will drive you nuts. Today I ran to the bathroom and (excuse me) barfed. I was seriously THAT bothered.

In my case, I know my boyfriend than most of the people around him (not as good as his family, of course. But pretty close). Andrew and I have spent our years together almost everyday. We’ve been like, practically married to each other (and I did say that a lot of times already). If you’re in the same situation as I am – you moved out of the country, leaving him behind after more than three years of being together, and on the 6th month of you being apart someone tells you stuff about him that makes you think of suicide – THINK AGAIN. DO NOT JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS. Talk to him nicely and ask him. Ask him seriously.

If he assures you, that he is doing NOTHING behind your back, BELIEVE HIM. Do not judge him. Boys find it very hard expressing themselves. Don’t take it against them. Sure, you’re having a hard time adjusting to your situation, but just because he isn’t showing you that he’s A-okay does not entirely mean he isn’t finding it difficult. Always remember to consider his feelings. Don’t be so consumed of your fear of losing him or cheating on you that you forget that he has feelings too. Duh, he’s human.

Don’t expect him to ALWAYS tell you where he is 24/7. This is really one of the hardest realities I am facing right now. I got so used to knowing where he was and who he was with ALL THE TIME. Give him time to breathe. Someone once told me, that you have to grow as individuals too. So do just that. This space that you have right now? Use it. Turn it into a good experience and learning point for you, and for your relationship. If you love each other so much, you’ll learn how to trust each other – you can still grow as individuals even if you’re a couple. If none of you let go of each other (meaning communication lines are totally wide open), you’re okay.

I thought Andrew was letting go of me today. BUT THANK YOU LORD. THANK YOU LORD. Because he didn’t. He got so pissed at me for continuously nagging him this week. And I deserved it. I deserved his anger. I mean, if I were in his position, I’d be pissed too.

I apologized again. But this time, I swear. I really mean it. I will never do something like this again. I will not wait for the time where he gets so pissed off and so fed up of everything he decides to break-up with me. The thought just makes me want to jump in a plane right now.

The lesson here is TRUST YOUR BOYFRIEND. Always remember that you know him more than anyone else. Don’t forget that he loves you, too. And just because he can’t show how much he does right now, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore, or as much. You have to realize that in long distance relationships, everything is limited. Be contented of what he can offer, and understand his situation. Stop arguing with him, because for all you know, he needs you more now.

And I just realized.
I’ve been asking him to change for us – and that we needed to compromise for our relationship to work. But I was wrong. Because I don’t do that myself. I have to stop acting like a friggin’ dominatrix. I have to let go of the whip and learn how to listen to him. Ako narin mismo ang nagsabi. He’s a part of this relationship. His voice needs to be heard too. And as his girlfriend, I have to listen. Not because its my responsibility, but because I love him. I have to start analyzing myself as his girlfriend, and stop looking at myself as the victim. I am not perfect. He is not perfect. We both commit mistakes. But I always focus on his mistakes. What about mine? I always focus on what he doesn’t do, but what about me? What about the things I don’t do? I always say “I gave him everything!!” But didn’t he do the same? He sure did! I’m just too blind to notice it all because I’m too busy looking and noticing all the red marks on the paper. I expect so much from him, wanting him to do exactly what I do for him, but I should respect that he has his own way of doing that, and in his own time!

I totally wanna kick myself in the buns now.
And salmonslap myself (I miss you Lizzerino).

I have to stop torturing him with all the doubts.
I have to stop torturing myself with all the worrying,too.
He begged me to not worry because he loves me.
ME. I’m all he wants, nobody else.

I’m a nutcase! If Andrew totally lost his temper he would’ve totally broke up with me, and it would all be my fault. And I wouldn’t be able to live with that.

I have to stop thinking all guys are the same.
Andrew will not do that to me. He will not leave me.
He promised me. And I will trust that. I’m scared shitless but I will trust that. I always talk about taking risks but here I am, still on the edge, not letting go.

I have to see things clearer. The wind is blowing hard on me, making everything so blurry. But as I turn to my right, Andrew is there – holding his hand out.

“Trust me, we can get down there alive”

I take his hand and then we jump together.
No parachutes. Only each other.

That’s love.

Happy Birthday Ma.
I know I should've made an entry about how you're the greatest Mom in the whole wide world -- and because of that, I'm sure you understand.
I love you.


A little more personal.

Parts of some of my journal entries. Just thought I’d share them with you. It helps me become more optimistic, because it makes me think of all the happy and hard times Andrew and I have gone through to get to where we are now, which is still together.

May 09 2006 4:40 P.M.

“….Sometimes what I really don’t understand is that Andrew and I can be so alike, and so different, and yet we stick to each other. I know I don’t want him out of my life, but does he feel the same way?”

11: 28 P.M. of the same day

“I totally had fun with my babe today. I just hate that I get so moody sometimes. I’m happy that he knows how to apologize now, and admits his mistakes, and that he’s still there for me even if I’m acting that way. Aw. I love you so much Bub.”

May 19 2006 1:06 A.M.

“….I really do feel bad about ever having to leave school…I know that I will really miss Andrew so much. I love that boy so much, I really do. My Babe. I wanna marry him. I’m so thankful God gave him to me.”

June 19 2006 10:21 P.M.

“….I’m just happy that even after all these girls running after him he chose me. And he still wants me….He always assures me anyway. And I believe him. Its just so bad that lately it looks like I don’t trust him, when its those damn girls I don’t trust. Its like they always push me to do something extreme just so they’d stop….I can’t wait ‘til I (really do) have him to come home to.”

June 22 2006 12:32 A.M.

“….I really pray we’d be married and that God will help us go through life together. Because like I said, I hate having fights with him but its only him I’d like to have fights with ‘coz…I love him. And nothing beats the making-up part of it.”

July 02 2006 11:38 P.M.

“….God, do I love that boy. Always shows me how much he loves me. Today I was by his window watching the making of Superman Returns and the sequel is already planned to hit the screens on 2009 – three years from now. I was actually scared because deep down I was wishing Andrew and I see it together. I will always remember this day – the day I seriously thought (and got scared) of the future….the wait is always worth it. God, thank you because you gave Andrew to me, thank you for helping me go through all the trials with Andrew and in life. Please continue to bless me, God. I love you, and I love Andrew too. I love him with all my life.”

July 16 2006 1:09 A.M.

“Andrew, I cannot wait to marry you. I really do think…I believe. You’re the one for me. Its you I want to spend my life with. Its you I want to come home to…It will always be you, Andrew. I love you so much. God knows how much.”

September 15 2006 2:14 A.M.

“…Andrew and I are a lot closer now. I feel like we’re in a new phase in our relationship. There are times when I get really sick of what’s been happening with us. And how he acts and all but I never get sick of Andrew. I might have said that but I don’t mean it. I was just totally infuriated…You’re freakin’ it, Andrew.”

September 23 2006 12:18 A.M.

“…I know change is the only constant thing in this world. But I’m praying that our love won’t. Andrew is the love of my life. He is mine and I am his. In so many ways. I’m glad we found each other. I regret ever taking all the time we have for each other for granted. I’m really going to miss him so much. God, please make us both strong, that we go through every trial you have for us together. I pray that you’d still be in the middle of our relationship God, keeping us together. Like you always have. Because we both know how much I love him. I love you, God. And thank you. For always giving me the best. Even when sometimes, I am not worthy….. You’re the one for me Andrew, I just know it. I love you.”

December 2 2007 10:30 P.M.

“…I have to trust him or else this relationship won’t work. *bleep* more months before we see each other. I pray God will continue to keep us strong….This trial made me realize that its Andrew that I want. Its Andrew that I truly love. I want Andrew. I’m gonna marry Andrew. Andrew is my everything…. He is the love of my life. He may not be perfect but he stuck by me. Now that we’re in a long distance relationship, he still stuck by me, by my side. Honest and Faithful. I have to keep trusting him…God really made me realize that I belong to Andrew. Because when I thought I was losing him to someone else, I felt like dying…It felt like I was gonna die any minute. I will marry Andrew. I will bear his children. I will take care of him and I will make him happy…the happiest man for the rest of his life… I am blessed because I have him and he is faithful, and he loves me. God please make us stronger. This is tough.”

Relationships are never easy. Trust and Love has to be on the same level. It won’t really work out if the other one is on top. This has been one of the toughest points of our relationship. He has a new life now. New friends. New classmates. Its hard to accept the fact that I don’t know much about his life anymore like I used to. I’m still finding it difficult accepting that fact. In the past three years and 5 months of our relationship we were practically like husband and wife. We did everything together.

“….Please don’t worry. I love you and I will marry you. Just trust me….I love you.”

I will hold on to that. I will hold on to that with my life.
I’d die if I lost you Andrew.


Butterflies and Wilting Roses.

Skypage for 9 hours with Babe. That's massive.
Kamusta naman ang 6:37 am - 3:00 pm diba? *kilig*
I even got to watch him sleep and hear him breathe again.
I love Skype! Ventrilo, boo (lol its 'cause I can't intall it in my PC. Ahaha)!

There are some experiences in life that don't need to be shared. Partly for personal reasons, partly because you can't explain it. Its too beautifully complicated and twisted.

All I know is that this is just one of God's greatest test for us. Being in a long distance relationship isn't easy. I'm having trust issues. Its like I wanna cry non-stop but then I always end up wondering why.

I've gotten the assurance I need, but something tells me its still not all ironed out. Unless something changes. And I need to see that change. Because sometimes it feels like I'm just in the background. Trust is so important. Somehow, for some weird and unknown reason, I still can't give it a hundred percent.

I talked to God before I slept this afternoon (I hadn't slept last night). I told him that I needed strength to be able to do this. This long distance relationship is pretty much working. But I guess if it still drives me insane because there are some things that couldn't be compromised... I dunno what to do next. Either way I will, or might regret it.

He's a big boy now. He knows what he's doing. And there is always a choice.
Whether to believe. Whether to doubt. Whether to stay or go. Love or Hate. Cheat or not. To lie or to be honest.

Wherever this road is taking us, I don't know. But one thing is for sure. I know that I love him. And he tells me that he loves me too. Just like the rest of them, he promises to never leave me. But I hope that promise wouldn't actually turn out to be -- like the rest of them made before.

In the middle of all this chaos, the smoke, the blood, and all the dead people laying on the ground, I see a small spark of light at the end of it. Whether or not it takes me months, or years to get to that point, I will never close my eyes to lose sight of it again. I will hold on to it. Hold on to it for my dear life. For if this all falls apart, for if someone else takes it away from me -- I lose everything. I lose my life.

"Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world
Til' the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm
Into the blue
And when I lose myself I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
And nothing can hold me back from you
Through the monsoon...."

I've never felt this way in my life. Its like being in the dark without knowing when daylight's coming.

Somehow I have a feeling that this isn't right. But something tells me its worth a shot. But I need his help, too. He has to prove something to me.

I don't really know where I am now.

I loved what Ayeen said in her blog (November 13 2007 post), and I quote:

"Most of the time, I'm in dire need of the right thing to say.
Rummaging through the vocabulary that shouts uncertainties, despite the genuine intention. But I don't hate it. It's how it should be anyway. For if it can be explained, profounded by mere letters, straightforward to its meaning, it would be nothing but a pale existence.
It's hard to keep up with it. Translate every beat with a letter. Form a word, out of glory.
But honestly, I prefer it this way.
I prefer not explaining it in details. For in details, you set standards, you point out specific things...
and love is too big, too diverse, too complex of a feeling for that."

So effing true.

Love is a freakin' battlefield.
All I know is that Andrew is mine. And I am his.
Entirely. For the freakin' rest of our lives.
He is all I want.
But God has to help us get out of this rut.
I know He will.
I trust Him.


P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole

It was crazy. It was partly depressing at one point -- but mostly, it was one heck of a night. Well not really, but my standards of “one heck of a night” changed since that got here, and I mean that in a good way.

Let let let the pickies describe how my Friday went!

Oh. And FINALLY. Leopard-print wallpapers. I’m covering one wall with this. Not now, but soon. Promise I’ll take photos!!!
2.Ma and I went to Mahmood Saeed (closest to a Flea Market), we got stuff she needed for her students’ loot bags next week. Among them, we got these glow in the dark bracelets. We got an extra pack for us. Ahahaha. It brought me back to February of 2003. Boyz II Men. Lol. Oh and MTV’s Anti-Aids campaign. Lol. Memories! Guess which hand is mine, and which is Ma’s!
3.Look what I spotted in Claire’s about 20 meters away! Ahahahaha! I’m sorry I can’t help it. You had me at “Hello”…Kitty. Hahahaha. This puddytat makes me weak all over. Its an earring holder, btw. But I decided to put it by my bedside table, next to the other stuff I threw in beside my favorite photo of me and Drew. 4. I got a new pair of chuckies. Baa Baa, white and black sheep, have you any wool? Mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!! There were three other pairs in Elephant, Cat and Rabbit (which was embossed in felt-like material, COOL!) print, but this one had like the “liveliest” color so I chose this! Ma was furious. Completely out of the budget but I was depressed!!! Remember that when you’re down a size 35 ½ (as for you, whatever your shoe size is) will always help! Ahahahaha!

Last night was pretty tough, man. Ionno. But as always, God irons it out. Thank you, Lord! Medyo nakakahinga na po ako ng malalim.

My boss emailed me earlier just as I was finishing work, telling me and a few other officemates that we’d be off tomorrow. The other half of me is throwing a party and the other half is actually planning a rally. Lol, exagge. I need money!!!! But anyway.

OMG I haven’t been working out lately. Grabe, my tummytumtum is getting so big!!! Ew! Hahahaha. But this is a good thing. It means I’m gaining weight. Yahooey!

I wore a ribbon to work today. Methinks I look like one of my Ma’s students. Ahahahahaha. MATILDA! Except mine is pink! Ahahahahahaha!

You know what guys, I think my calling is to really become an Animal Rights activist. Ionno. But I probably really wouldn’t go for PeTA if they don’t start changing their tactics. It’s something I’ve come to agree to a few days ago. We don’t need to beat people for wearing fur. No one’s going to listen to us if we keep doing that. I mean, its not too late. We can still find a much more effective (and less harmful way) of fighting for Animal rights. I read in this one website that PeTA is fighting for equal rights between humans and animals. So why beat the hell out of humans, eh? I wish there was something I can do to catch the attention of people behind the Lagerfeld, Fendi, Prada, Galiano, Gucci and Vuitton empire (dream big, as they say – and the rest of the designers who are pro- KILL ANIMALS FOR THEIR FUR). I mean, I hope God all turns you guys into animals one day just for you to know what its like to be killed for something that (let’s all admit) isn’t necessary. We can still be fashionable in Faux Fur. Let’s not waste an animal’s life just for the latest IT girl to have it on her back for one night (and her wardrobe forever). Animals are living creatures. In the bible, God cast fear on animals so they would be afraid of humans. God indeed knew what he was doing, and why he did it. He knew we would take advantage of them. And believe it or not, for those of you who actually support this, you may enjoy the luxury of owning a dead animal on your closet, or making millions and millions for it – BUT you’ll surely suffer the consequences when your time comes. And you better mark my word for it.

Found it in Google Images. I just can’t find one teeny tiny little puney reason to NOT love Toppy’s. This campaign is so grool. Old, but grool. LOVE-ET!

SO. Guess what, I downloaded a few songs from Savage Garden’s AFFIRMATION album. Lol. I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life…. Ahahahahaha! Holy crass, LSS! While I was hogging the bathroom mirror in the office again, I sang Teenage Dirtbag!!! So what’s next? Crazy for this girl by Evan and Jaron? Sheraton Days. ZOMG, Just my Imagination by Gwyneth Paltrow and Babyface! Dang, that was one of my favorite songs back in HS! Oh oh oh! And Larusso!!! Ahahahahahahaha! Ban I’m sure you still know the dance steps! Woohoo, INOJ. Love you down, baybeh! And All I want!! Yes. This serves as a reminder. I’m DLing away! Pero para may halong pang-2007 naman, I’ll download Alicia Keys’ latest album. I love that woman!!!

Yeah yeah. Will shush nao.

Bai! Bubai nao! Bai! Bai!