I'm becoming this.

In this life, there really is no one else we can turn to but GOD.
Grabe. Grabe. Grabe.

I have to keep this vibe in for the next *bleep* months 'til I see Andrew again.
For the meantime, Ann will be coming here next week. And we're going to raid Toppys and Zara and and Mango and God knows what else. After this I swore to my Momma that I would never go shopping again until I get home, because there's something a WHOLE LOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN TOPPYS THIS TIME. OMG and you never thought it was possible.

And let's not jinx it. I'll keep praying for it nalang.
God knows what is needed to be done.
And I CLAIM IT - IT WILL HAPPEN. I have God in my heart and in my life to make it happen.

Even if I still get visits from my ex friend - the black horned red monster sometimes.

Oh and Ma went to Haraj (biggest flea market in Jeddah) yesterday, she got me this genuine DKNY bag for like SR 5. And its in effing good condition!!! Panalo.

Sige ha, replying to comments soon.
Just sharing a little. I miss blogging. I miss you guys!

I'm not making my traditional yearender in the same way this year.
I'll work on it soon though.