P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole

It was crazy. It was partly depressing at one point -- but mostly, it was one heck of a night. Well not really, but my standards of “one heck of a night” changed since that got here, and I mean that in a good way.

Let let let the pickies describe how my Friday went!

Oh. And FINALLY. Leopard-print wallpapers. I’m covering one wall with this. Not now, but soon. Promise I’ll take photos!!!
2.Ma and I went to Mahmood Saeed (closest to a Flea Market), we got stuff she needed for her students’ loot bags next week. Among them, we got these glow in the dark bracelets. We got an extra pack for us. Ahahaha. It brought me back to February of 2003. Boyz II Men. Lol. Oh and MTV’s Anti-Aids campaign. Lol. Memories! Guess which hand is mine, and which is Ma’s!
3.Look what I spotted in Claire’s about 20 meters away! Ahahahaha! I’m sorry I can’t help it. You had me at “Hello”…Kitty. Hahahaha. This puddytat makes me weak all over. Its an earring holder, btw. But I decided to put it by my bedside table, next to the other stuff I threw in beside my favorite photo of me and Drew. 4. I got a new pair of chuckies. Baa Baa, white and black sheep, have you any wool? Mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!! There were three other pairs in Elephant, Cat and Rabbit (which was embossed in felt-like material, COOL!) print, but this one had like the “liveliest” color so I chose this! Ma was furious. Completely out of the budget but I was depressed!!! Remember that when you’re down a size 35 ½ (as for you, whatever your shoe size is) will always help! Ahahahaha!

Last night was pretty tough, man. Ionno. But as always, God irons it out. Thank you, Lord! Medyo nakakahinga na po ako ng malalim.

My boss emailed me earlier just as I was finishing work, telling me and a few other officemates that we’d be off tomorrow. The other half of me is throwing a party and the other half is actually planning a rally. Lol, exagge. I need money!!!! But anyway.

OMG I haven’t been working out lately. Grabe, my tummytumtum is getting so big!!! Ew! Hahahaha. But this is a good thing. It means I’m gaining weight. Yahooey!

I wore a ribbon to work today. Methinks I look like one of my Ma’s students. Ahahahahaha. MATILDA! Except mine is pink! Ahahahahahaha!

You know what guys, I think my calling is to really become an Animal Rights activist. Ionno. But I probably really wouldn’t go for PeTA if they don’t start changing their tactics. It’s something I’ve come to agree to a few days ago. We don’t need to beat people for wearing fur. No one’s going to listen to us if we keep doing that. I mean, its not too late. We can still find a much more effective (and less harmful way) of fighting for Animal rights. I read in this one website that PeTA is fighting for equal rights between humans and animals. So why beat the hell out of humans, eh? I wish there was something I can do to catch the attention of people behind the Lagerfeld, Fendi, Prada, Galiano, Gucci and Vuitton empire (dream big, as they say – and the rest of the designers who are pro- KILL ANIMALS FOR THEIR FUR). I mean, I hope God all turns you guys into animals one day just for you to know what its like to be killed for something that (let’s all admit) isn’t necessary. We can still be fashionable in Faux Fur. Let’s not waste an animal’s life just for the latest IT girl to have it on her back for one night (and her wardrobe forever). Animals are living creatures. In the bible, God cast fear on animals so they would be afraid of humans. God indeed knew what he was doing, and why he did it. He knew we would take advantage of them. And believe it or not, for those of you who actually support this, you may enjoy the luxury of owning a dead animal on your closet, or making millions and millions for it – BUT you’ll surely suffer the consequences when your time comes. And you better mark my word for it.

Found it in Google Images. I just can’t find one teeny tiny little puney reason to NOT love Toppy’s. This campaign is so grool. Old, but grool. LOVE-ET!

SO. Guess what, I downloaded a few songs from Savage Garden’s AFFIRMATION album. Lol. I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life…. Ahahahahaha! Holy crass, LSS! While I was hogging the bathroom mirror in the office again, I sang Teenage Dirtbag!!! So what’s next? Crazy for this girl by Evan and Jaron? Sheraton Days. ZOMG, Just my Imagination by Gwyneth Paltrow and Babyface! Dang, that was one of my favorite songs back in HS! Oh oh oh! And Larusso!!! Ahahahahahahaha! Ban I’m sure you still know the dance steps! Woohoo, INOJ. Love you down, baybeh! And All I want!! Yes. This serves as a reminder. I’m DLing away! Pero para may halong pang-2007 naman, I’ll download Alicia Keys’ latest album. I love that woman!!!

Yeah yeah. Will shush nao.

Bai! Bubai nao! Bai! Bai!