If you were.

Hers was a kind of love she could never give anyone else.
Hers was a man she had known to hold her heart, as she have given it to him to hold forever.
Hers were promises she knew she could keep.

He wasn't perfect. But he made everything seem to be.
He had made her contented with whatever he was able to give.
He made promises she trusted him to keep.

Theirs was a love unexplainable.
Theirs was a love they wanted to last forever.
Forever. That was supposed to begin this very year.

Her heart made her believe it was real.
Her eyes made her see what was in front of her.
Her touch made me feel it was right.

He gave her everything he could.
He made her feel like she was the one for him.
He made her feel like there would be no one else.

They didn't see it coming.
Hers were eyes focused on him.
His love. His efforts.
He had needs he wanted fulfilled.
Her lips. Her body.

Hers was a feeling she wanted to fight.
Hers were eyes that saw the stench.
Hers were tears that made up the ocean between them.

He tried to not make her see.
He tried not to hurt her. But he did. And he wanted to.
He tried to make everything sound okay.

They were supposed to make it work together.
Her trust, his promise.
Her hands over her mouth.
His lips over...

She. She was supposed to be nobody to them.
She was her friend.
She did not make that matter.

He had given in.
She, he had wanted.
She, he had over and over.

They were something that should have never happened.
They were never supposed to hold hands where her friends could see.
They were never to kiss.
They were never to feel each other.

She knew he belonged to her.
She even has a picture taken with her.
But that did not matter. She pleaded he left her.

He didn't want to. But she, he kept wanting.
He got fed up of her asking all these questions.
He pleaded he needed space for awhile.

They would communicate on days he would not reply to her.
They would meet up on days he did not see her.
He had made her feel guilty of accusing.
While they would be in the mall, lunching.

Hers were friends who were true.
Hers were ears that didn't want to listen.
Hers were blind eyes that saw only him.

He had a way. And he wanted a way out.
He and she, he threw.
He and her, he broke off too.

Theirs was a love she believed would last.
Theirs was love he believed was not enough.
He would ask her what made her think he was the one.
And her answer, he will never comprehend.

Hers was a heart willing to forgive.
Hers were hands willing to touch.
Hers was a mind willing to accept.

He had a body he had to keep.
He had a mouth meant to utter gently.
But he had turned his heart back into stone.

Theirs was a love they deserved for each other.
Theirs was time they held in their hands.
Theirs were fragile decisions.
But hers was the heart to break.

Hers were tears nobody saw.
Hers was a feeling left dead.
Hers was a heart, a body, a soul, a mind more broken than anyone could ever see.

He had pride he chose to wear.
He had memories he chose to throw away.
He had someone new in mind.

They no longer existed in him.
They would never be taken away from her.
They would mean someone new to him.
They would make her wish they never happened.

Hers is a body she no longer belongs to.
Hers is a heart so crushed, like sand, and can no longer hold.
Hers were pleads he should be making instead.

He wants something more than her.
He needs something more than her.
He no longer cares. He no longer loves. He no longer wants. Her.

They will be something that will forever be treasured truly by her.
Her alone.
They, getting back together.
God knows the answer.