Let's get superficial.

None of that I'm-so-deep-oh-I'm-a-smart-ass-I-rule bullcrap for now.
I am superficial. Live with it.

"When someone puts a whole through your heart, put a whole through your pockets. And when someone breaks your heart, break into the freakin' bank ffs!"
There. My superficial philosophy in life.

I've been majorly shopping for the past two months.

The only shop I didn't get to raid was Mango.
Minimal raiding at Zara, of course... BUT MY GOODNESS.
I spent it all on...well, you know the answer to this.

Ankle boots, bags, jackets, cardigans, dresses, tops, tights, accessories, camis and what-not. Name it. I raided the entire store. That and the fact that it was on MAJOR sale too.
Funneh story (Hi Gogs!) : This always happens. After we pay, I would pass by something I'd like and walk back to the cashier and pay for it...it happens for like 5 times every single time I'm at Topshop (because God knows how many times I went back for two consecutive months). And I've already been going through the racks for like 2 hours. Man.

I was also able to raid LIFE. Got my fugly hands on designer lounge/sleep wear from Paul Frank. YEHOOEY. I got a set of underwear too that looks just like FergieFerg's frilly cheekini in her BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY video. <3, Man. <3. Ahaha! Last night I went back to get that Franklin Marshall top I've eyed on in my last visit. And I hand-washed it myself and sprinkled red rose petals and poured a cup of milk in the water while I'm at it. Lol.

SO. To take my mind off things, I will be updating that silly album I have of all my uber-arte days when all I do is just be, well...superficial - AND DRESS UP like the whole world gives a shit of what I'm wearing! Haha.

So yeah. Lately my life has revolved around my superfisticality (boy do I love making words up).
Oh, that ang gaining weight too! Thanks to Orlando Bloom (a.k.a. my personal nutritionist). Hahahaha. Long story.

Savings? What?

Janny I love you, but you know I've been crushing on Shia LaBeouf even in his Even Steven days so can you like give him to me now? I mean he was okay in Transformers but I've only seen Disturbia last night and I was like, uh...sweating? And its not even because of like the thriller scenes, its more like SHIA LaBEOUF OMG I WANT YOUR BABIES kinda sweating? So yeah. OMFOgres he is so effing hot. Its like you know even when he looks all dirty and hasn't showered in a week I'd still think he's hot. Seriously. ZOMG his smile is actually flashing in my head right now..... Oh...my...goodness. Janny please? Lol.