This is what the world has come to.

As much as I appreciate any guy's attempt to tickle my fancy ( well ever since I've been single, that is ) ....

Lo and behold, my friends :

Hey I saw your profile, you're pretty interesting and pretty cute too. Anyway I want to put some excitement in my life and I wanna try new things, maybe you'd be up for a discreet fling? i come from a good family and a good school, was a model and a ball player and above all I don't kiss and tell.:)As indecent as this sounds, I'm a pretty decent guy in general,I just wanna explore my wild side,live a little. Maybe you could leave your number or YM so we could talk about it cutie:)

In fairness to him, there were no grammatical errors, he made me feel at ease while reading his message and not violated, he didn't make me feel cheap at all. He was right, it was indecent but he did sound decent ( or is that just me? ).

And as much as I want to try new things myself as well, ( and I believe EXPLORING is the term, btw) I guess I'm just not up for something as WILD as that. Whatever that really means. I was tempted to say "Hey sure! " and give him like, my yahoo ID or something, but nah. As much as I want to be a playaaaa these days, I guess there are just things you can't change about yourself ( i.e., taking love too seriously ).

ANYWAY that's not the point. In the end of all this, thinking about how serious the internet could be, I just couldn't help but wonder, really.
What happened to romance?

Me : Romance, where are you?
Romance : Seth Cohen said it himself, don't you remember?
Me : Said what?
Romance : Chivalry is dead, sweetie. What more for me?

Seriously. You might think its not irrelevant, but some people settle "getting together" through the internet. What I hate the most about everything coming so easy is... well, everything coming so easy!

Whatever happened to kicking it old school? I mean I'm glad that the world has liberated itself from Circa 1800 where everything was so conserved and uptight. But I think we're going way beyond our control now. Girls are getting pregnant at 15, and guys think getting laid a lot is cool.

OMFOgres. I am totally rolling my eyes right now at this thought.
I'm no saint, yes. But I do know my limits and I do know how to separate having too much fun from having way too much fun. My goodness. I don't think the current gen is ever gonna think about this. I mean seriously. Kids in my high school ( like in their sophomore year ) are doing sex scandals. I used to see some of them back then and it just never occurred to me really, that I would be like, seeing a video of them on top of each other on one of my HS classmate's cellphone years later. Well yeah that is an entirely different story, but...

(#&$$(*%^&*%^@#$%#$%#& !!!!

Its too freakin' alarming. Things come so easy these days thanks to technology.
But as much as I love it, I effing hate it.

Did I make sense?
My brain is still in goo, fyi.