And now, this.

After he said this, I said this, and then he said this.

And this leads me to shutting up for awhile, in all of my accounts.
I no longer have words to say.

I'm sorry if I pushed you to react that way and I'm sorry I reacted to things negatively.
But for most of you, you don't know what its been like to be in my position. To go through the things I did, do find out the things I did, and to be treated the way he did.

Sorry? He was never sincerely sorry.
But only God knows.
My mistake if I ever did overlook that. Because with everything we went through, and with everything he did -- those words will never be enough.

But yes.
I no longer have words to say.

For everyone who knows the entire story, thank you for always being there for me.
And for everyone who doesn't know what really went on, and are still there for me, thank you so much.

I love you guys.
God bless.