My bestfriend's on TV!

He's the guy in the middle! Check him out on 00:28 and 00:35, yo! That's my BEST right there, and its not his first TVC, mind you! Funny thing is, this TVC's theme is actually "bestfriends" -- in which he is to me, and I am to him.

Turns out today is also.... HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!
It might have felt like I’ve said it all here – in this blog entry I typed a year ago for him (and *cough*someonelse*cough*).
But I’m glad that our friendship just got even more deeper. I know he hates me being cheesy and dramatic but I guess he can just give me this one chance in a year for him to absorb it all. Haha.

My bestfriend.
I know this will sound cliché to other female-male friendships out there, but it really does feel like I’ve known him since I was a kid, but for some reason I’m glad I didn’t meet him back then or else he would’ve bullied me around. Hahahaha. Plus he hated girls then, too.

What I wrote a year ago pretty much sums up the friendship, love and trust we have for each other as bestfriends. And I don't think its a bad thing. I'm amazed that we're still there for each other even if we don't give each other the occasional telebabad phone calls that start at sometimes 2 in the morning. Or how he would ask me not to hang up on him when he's going to sleep. Haha. How we see each other despite the period of time I've been apart from him, whenever we talk, we talk like we've only seen each other yesterday. It took a lot before he could trust me this way, and I keep telling him how thankful I am that he's become a close part of my life. He is one of the two people who called me on the morning of January 22nd, when I was about to lose myself completely. He looks up to Superman. And that day, he's proven enough that he truly is one.

He would make me cry sometimes whenever he picks on me. He says really hurtful words but he's only being honest. But he made me cry more tears of joy when I would least expect it. And that's what I love about him. Because no matter how much he hates being nice to me, he'd sometimes let his guard and principles down just to prove that after all, he is, my bestfriend.

What I wrote in the entry was true. Most of the time we still feel like banging our heads on each other cos we're both becoming a pain in the ass. He keeps telling me that he's been repeating himself whenever he gives me advices when I ask for advice on the same problem I've been having, and he does the same to me.

Tabs. I called him Tabs then not because of his last name. It was short for Tablet. Medicine. Because he's always made me feel better, even if I would cry to him and he'd just end up making me cry more by being mean and sarcastic to me. That's how we are to each other. Full of affection. Hahaha.

He's really happy now with his life. He gets the occasional bumps on the road (hey, we all do) though. But he deserves every single thing that he has right now, including his "Reyna". And I'm really happy for both of them, and I keep praying for the strength of their relationship (I love you both!)

To my bestfriend... Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very exclusive, simple, mental and humble life. You know how much I love you and you know that I will cherish this friendship forever. Thank you for teaching me to be satisfied with whatever I have. I know there will be many more days for us to partly hate each other. But I can't live without having you in my life. And one day, I know you will feel the same. Hahaha. Thank you for opening my eyes to all the painful truths this life has to offer.

June 20 2007.
When I looked really fuglythin.
Our last photo together (for the year 2007. Hah!)

He has, in his own way - showed me that I mean something to him.
He will forever be, one of the few men in my life that I will love no matter how much he screws up (though I doubt that he will, cos he barely screws up).

And I know that he will hate me for exposing too much about him in my blog, but I just want the whole world to know that guys like this still exist. There is hope out there, women of Planet Earth. There is still hope. Just don't go barking up on my bff right here, I told you he's already taken by a girl who he truly deserves.

I love and miss you so so so so much. I'll see you soon.
Basta mamigay ka ng projects! Hahaha!

I celebrated your birthday, I treated myself to McDonald's.
Layo ng Jollibee dito from my flat eh.