My legs hurt.

I’ve been working out again consecutively this week. And my legs hurt.

Every step my feet makes brings me pain. It hurts even when I sit down or try to pick something up on the floor. They’re reminders that I’m doing it right.
Unfortunately, pain in love doesn’t exactly mean that.

I couldn’t help but wonder, really… why do we have to be reminded of the things we did by pain?

Cheesy kissing, romantic love making, happy ending scenes… why do they have to haunt us and remind us of what used to be ours? And why do we have to be affected by it?

Just a thought.

Anyways, the wedding was cool. Najmah looked so beautiful. The entire time I kept wondering how my wedding would turn out, and if I ever was gonna get married. Just when I believed I was really gonna be a Missus this year. SO, ANYWAY. We danced. I mean they danced. I just stood there. I tried moving like a toothpick for like 2 seconds. And I was done. Lol.
Me and my "passing up opportunites to ditch my comfort zone". So typical of me. Goodness. And I said it was my theme for this year.

Whatever with a shadow.

I can't post pics of me, Ayah and Tutti. Noticed I took out our photos in my recent post? Ayah asked me to. Haha. So I'll post pics but its gonna be solo pics lang. Gah.

Funny. Today's the 24th. It shouldn't matter anymore. Stop it Abbie.

Oh, and I called Sephora today, asked them about Too Faced "Tanning Bed in a Tube" -- read great reviews about it online. They said it was available here. I can't wait to get one. Its this gradual tanning lotion, so its uber coolness. Hahaha. I gotta let my skin heal from my allergies first, gotta lose the marks before I tan. Plus I really have to prove it to my bestfriend, Gian that I have actually gotten my old color back! HMP! Its his birthday tomorrow, so I'm posting him a happy birthday entry. Heehee.

Gotta go see Peter Pan now.
I pray everyone's better than I am.

Aqua's "Turn back time" is on repeat mode on iTunes.
I am so old school.