Yesterday, after shooting a vlog with über-bursting at the seams with pent up residual anger, I decided it was best not to post it. Instead, I went to a late afternoon date with Peter Pan. Two hours later, Ma called me and told me to get ready, as we were heading to Aziz Mall to get stuff I needed for Naj's wedding next week, and to celebrate their 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

My personal financier (aka Mum) would always give me the look whenever we were out and I wanted to spend all my money all at once. I told her myself to slap me if I ever attempt to pull off something like that again, saying nothing else but "OMG I WANT THAT!" every 10 seconds.

Unfortunately, airing out my sentiments on the vlog I shot didn't help neither did my personal financiers' signature snare - I still ended up spending MORE than what I was supposed to, forgetting the fact that I am off to the Philippines in a few months and that I had to save 'em notes. I got a self-tanning lotion from Benefit, Black nail polish and Waterproof mascara from Chanel, and Black Gladiator Sandals from Paprika. It wasn't such a bad idea anyway since these things were all on my list of stuff to get before I fly back home. Now, all I need to cross out on my list is the Topshop tote, Benetint, blush on from Benefit (because I just love the packaging), and my signature scent - Clinique Happy Heart (which reminds me, I just might shift to Chloé's latest scent, it smells divine and its got a really cute bottle, too!).

We celebrated the folk's anniversary by pigging out on 3 Banana Splits. Tito Boying was with us too. I was supposed to treat them to dinner at Applebee's, probably at Red Sea Mall but we had dinner at Fuddrucker's the night before (the bill was on them, it was their promo for opening a new branch. YUM!).

I know I owe so much photos from you guys, so I'm bombarding you with tons of pickies in this post! Err, enjoy?? Lol.

Why oh why oh why is Chris Brown so hot?
I saw this on display for Rocawear, and I was like
ZOMG I am so taking a photo!
Pfft. But he's seriously hot!!
Did you see his ad for them? SO SEXY!
"I will not lose."
Yeah baby, yeah.

Me and Pop at Fudd.

They top my list of the most important people in
my life. Next to God, of course.

A blurry shot of me -STARVING on the inside. Lol.

Me and my woman. Lol. Hahaha.

Are Harleys sexay??

Yay, old school WAYFS! Finally. Lol.

Swensens Banana Split.

Adventures of a Shopaholic.
But this still doesn't top the stuff I got last March!

I love that I gained weight.

Taken today at the office during lunch break,
watching the first season of Sex and the City!

So there. Next month I'm dyeing my hair again, in a olive-greenish pale blonde grayish tone. Hahaha.

Have you seen "Horton Hears a Who" ?? Its so funny! I love Katie, that yellow thing that says "AAAAAAAAAAAAH" all the time! Hilarious. We totally had a major lollage moment at that scene. Haha. I watched it at Ayah's two weeks ago.

Oh and I've been hearing this song by Trentemoller, titled "Moan" in a trailer of this show in Dubai titled "Noor". Its been my LSS for days. DL it if you can!

I love that a few people who read my blog are finally leaving me comments.
It makes my day knowing that you guys have something to say!
Please please please keep it coming.
I embrace you!