What?! Today's May 20th!

Holy crassness, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS? Yes I know it’s the 20th of May, sillyball. But its just not an ordinary May 20. TODAY IS THE LAUNCHING OF KATE MOSS’ SUMMER COLLECTION FOR TOPSHOP! OHMYOGRES!

You know what this means.

And I already eyed on two things,but I've decided to just get one of them. Lol. I already asked for two from the previous collection. If I decide to get four items instead of three it would cost me like PHP10,000. I effing love Kate Moss but I also love my friends! Hahahaha. (Thank you so much Aunt Viv - who is Topshop Motherland right now for getting them for me because if I wait to get home until August, I know for a fact that I can no longer get any of them in my size).

So. Putting my Kate hype aside, my bosses are flying to the P.I., and I kept telling them to go check out Greenbelt. It just made me realize how much I miss Greenbelt. Pucha. I miss going there even when I’m broke, and all I have is money to spend on Starbucks or Haagen Dazs as I stroll around. GAH. (Sige Abbie, konting tiis nalang!) Soon enough, I’ll be doing that – only God willing, I won’t be broke. I will be strolling around with Lizzerpodpiepeas!

On another random note – ever heard of ibeatyou.com? Goodness, I am so signing up. Jessica Alba actually responded to Kevjumba’s dare (to her) of having the longest stare! I am so jealous. I love Jessica Alba. Hahaha. I kept giggling watching her video (loved the background music that I even DLed it right after I heard it) she looked so cute and so hot! I’ve heard of ibeatyou from Kevin (wow, close kami?) last month but I actually didn’t pay much attention to what he was saying, I just kept staring at his über-cuteness.

And OMG I am such a frustrated dancer. This video is the shit. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it! Its the coolest thing I've seen this week (aside from Kate Moss' SS08 Collection!) :

I SWEAR I SHRIEKED WHEN I SAW CHRIS BROWN! And I love Lacey (from "So you think you can dance?") too!!!! This is the groolest thing, ever!!!!! I definitely subscribed. And thanks to Kevin, if not for his page I wouldn't have known about this. I am such a hermit. Hahahaha.

K I'm off dancing my ass outta control now. Lol.