Wrong move, Abbie.

I signed on Multiply to check my girl Patchielove's PM to me, when I saw my fellow Kidlat Clubber post photos. Little did I know that a second later I would regret opening the album.

He was in it.
Photos of their swimming trip.
Its funny. Usually when I see photos of him looking hot in boardshorts, it makes me regret that I will never get to feel his body again when we would hug and kiss, and when he would comfort me.
He looks hot. He always has. I remember how he feels like, whenever we would go swimming and we'd hug and kiss in the water...

Until all of a sudden seeing him looking so fine made me think of her.
And how she was able to experience almost everything I did with him - behind my back.

Seeing him look that hot doesn't make me regret anymore.
It hurts me. I miss him but it hurts me more.
And I think I can't get over something he never felt sorry doing.
Lies. All the lies.
Seeing him look so fine hurts me, because I know someone else already got to have a piece of him, all while he had all of me.

Seeing his bare chest, and his muscular arms no longer reminds me of what he feels like.
But It makes me wonder how she felt while she touched him, and if he thought of me while she did.
Its these painful realities that I try to avoid. Because I don't have to deal with them.

I am hurting. And I won't hide that from anyone.
Its my right to rant. Its my right to feel this way.
Its ONLY been four months. It takes a lot longer than that to get up, when you've felt like you've already died.

Bear with me.

Wrong move, Abbie.
Never log on Multiply.
Not until you see the light again.

Burn in hell, Gracian Coquia.
Burn in hell.