Baxter vs Pippa


I encountered one of the toughest quandaries last night while in Topshop.

Help a girl out! Lol.

Baxter / Pippa

Baxter was a lot more comfortable. The Pippa looked just like my favorite grey ones from Mango (which I barely wear now cos I can hardly breathe in them), but it had the cut I like. Pipe jeans yo, pipe jeans. .. I never had one in that color, but it’s the same for Baxter as well. Besides, Baxter jeans are like one of their bestsellers. Its the pair of jeans that somehow started it all. The first time I wore them was for Seventeen’s Favorite Model Presscon. Lora (Gahol) made me wear them with this gorgeous black corset. She also requested I wear them with my own gold gladiator sandals. That was like 2 ½ years ago.

(Lol, they told us to do a wacky face but only Ess and I ended up doing it!
From left to right : Me, Yen, Claude, Camille, Jing, Essy, Sharon and Saab)
I loved those jeans. I should’ve bought them!

So last night, I got the Baxter jeans. But I’m thinking about getting the Pippa sometime this week, too. Okay. So much for asking you for help 'no? Goodness. Last night I asked Ayah to convince me that I didn’t need these gorgeous pair of pearl and crystal chandelier earrings from Freedom at Topshop. I didn’t want to let them go but they cost too much. I swear if I wasn’t flying home soon I’d def get those. *clinches fist*

I’m gonna have them altered a bit in the P.I.

Anyways. A guy called Ayah last week asking for anyone she could recommend for this TV show in the Mid-East (Saudi TV), who can talk about the latest trends, to show that the Mid-East has a take on fashion, too. She recommended me. He called me last week, but I didn’t get much info. Ayah says I’ll be on TV but from what I heard from the guy its gonna be a phone patch or something. That would be totally cool either way. But the thing is I have work on Wednesday. And they haven’t called me again to confirm. But oh well. We’ll see.

Oh and I guess CONGRATULATIONS are in order (belated nga lang):

To my friends Carissa Francisco - Cardona , Lora Gahol - Fornacier, Ahmed Selim for tying the knot (WOOHOO! Wedding bell-ES!! Except for Ahmed, lol) and to Mika Lagdameo for bringing Tyler Nicholas to the world! Congrats you guys. I sure can’t wait to have gone through the things you just did. You deserve everything that you have and will have!

Oh and I wanna thank Bianca for using my photos for her article three days ago! O-yay.
Thanks Kaberday and Up for telling me, and Paul for posting it! Heehee. Here, I grabbed it from his Multiply:


Okay that’s about it.

I just called all of Topshop's branches and it turns out, I should've bought those size 6 Pippa jeans last night as well -- all that's left is size 8! Oh noes. Good thing though my friend Kuya Rey will call me as soon as there's new stuff. Weepeedoo!

Taken probably 4 years ago. How's that? Haha.
Me, Ben, Joyce, Lance and Gail
How nostalgic.