Fully Loaded.

I was watching Herbie: Fully Loaded last week. Lol. But actually the entry title has NOTHING to do with Herbie.

Anyways, Pop came by the office last week. I was surprised. Turns out he passed by the bank which was just a floor below our office. Tito Oscar rang me and said I had a visitor. The first person to pop in my head was Kuya Dennis, since he just landed in the Kingdom a month ago. I got really shocked when I saw Papa sitting on the chair opposite Tito O’s table! I hugged him right away like we haven’t seen each other for 10 years when its only been 2 hours since we parted ways at home. Cute. Lol. I introduced him to my boss as well.


So yes. I am so getting a punching bag. Why did I ever decide not to get one.

Have I told you, two weeks ago I got this Yoga instructional set. I was thinking of really trying Yoga now since it will give me inner peace, learn how to be in trance when I need it the most. I was trying to be more Ryan than Sharpay Evans-like. But now I’m totally leaning towards Sharpay. I think anyone in this point will, except God. And so I did try it last night, followed by a semi-hardcore workout. But I think I should’ve done the work-out first. Lol. Anyway, yoga was fun. I want to be “boneless” so I guess its gonna work. I can now lift my legs up to the sky, aligned to my face, with my arms supporting my back. Amazing. But I bet 5 year olds can already do that. Bummer.

Hay. I have a small fist, thus, my small heart (is that really true? It somehow feels that way to me), so it can only hold so much anger for months. I have to let this out before you guys end up visiting me in jail. I have to turn this fcuking anger into something positive.

…I am so getting a punching bag.