I burned my tongue.

Whaddya know, its July tomorrow. How amazing is that. In a few weeks I will be crying tears of joy and my heart will be pounding like there’s no tomorrow, and trust me its not out of excitement. Its out of frickin’ worry that my money won’t be enough for my “needs” ! Someone wire me a thousand bucks right this second! Lol. I was thinking about all the stuff I spent my money on and I’m like, “WTH, if I didn’t spend that much I’d have more than enough!” But did I think about it then? Nooooo. Gah I am such a loser. But hey, no regrets (sure, keep telling yourself that).

O, Best, if you’re reading this entry, I can already read your mind. Don’t say it. Lol.

Last night, Pinnys and I were chatting and she showed me a video she made that got me all laughing. See for yourself!

Their freakin’ accents. Last night I told her I was marrying a half-brit. Lol. So effing sexy!
That's her getting whipped in the first part, BTW. Looool!

Anyways, she’s told me how excited she is to make a video with me and I told her I felt the same way! The Adventures of GEE and NEE! With adventure number one being : “DANCING IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC”. Lol. We’re gonna be “exchanging characters”, like she’s gonna speak in Tagalog and I’m gonna do my infamous fake brit accent. Haha! Watch out for that. That’s gonna be lollage.

Guess what, I picked out my own Japanese name. Ate helped me figure out something that suits me. My Jap name is : 夏美,which can be read as NATSUMI, meaning “Beautiful Summer”. She said it was okay for me since I was born in June, and June is a summer. And I love Summer the most out of all the seasons (yeah like I’ve ever experienced winter, spring and fall. There’s only tag-init and tag-lamig where I come from! Lol!).

I’ve been doing sketches of room arrangements for the condo. That’s how excited I am. I’m not very good at it, but I try my best to just make the picture look the way I want it to look. Its gonna take a few years before I get the look IRL but I’m totally looking forward to it. I’ll be taking photos and measuring and all that as soon as I get in there, since we’ll be moving stuff in. I will totally be buying more Home and Decoration magazines, I fell in love with Vogue living. Those free Ikea catalogues are of big help too.

Oh and check this out, Ayah fixed my tarha for me. This is what I looked like while I was high-end window shopping!

Do I make a purdy abaya lady?

Heehee! I’m gonna start wearing my tarha like that now.
No actually, let me rephrase that.
I’m gonna start wearing my tarha now.

-Izzie Stevens/Meredith Grey