It was long and hard.

…THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!! (infinite lollage)

Anyway. Sorry, that video just really cracks me up big time. Oh man. Don’t you just love Steve Carell?? I’ve never really watched The Office. That makes me and Lance both. He was like, “Who thought the Office was this funny” and I said, “Well its got to be. Its freakin’ Steve Carell!” and then he says “I know right?” Haha. Its just that whenever I saw it on the telly, I’m like “PFFF!!!” then go and channel surf some more. I never knew what I was missing on! But Lance says its okay anyway since there are compiled videos (like the one I posted yesterday) for people like us. Lol.

SO. What I really meant about the title is that yesterday was like one of the slowest days I’ve had. It was one long and hard day, really. It felt like I had two days in one! Have you ever had that feeling? I actually thought today was Monday. Word.

Anyways, last week, Pop came by the office. I was surprised. Turns out he passed by the bank which was just a floor below our office. Tito Oscar rang me and said I had a visitor. The first person to pop in my head was Kuya Dennis, since he just landed in the Kingdom a month ago. I got really shocked when I saw Papa sitting on the chair opposite Tito O’s table! I hugged him right away like we haven’t seen each other for 10 years when its only been 2 hours since we parted ways at home. Cute. Lol. I introduced him to my boss as well.


So anyway. I am so getting a punching bag. Why did I ever decide not to get one. I remember talking to my supermodel friend Roldan (naks) about it and I was like "Kukuha ako ng punching bag! Pero ayoko lagyan ng picture! Kase imbis na suntukin ko, kukuha nalang ako ng kutsilyo at sasaksakin!!" and he replied saying " Hahahaha! WASAAAAAAK!" Lol.

Have I told you, two weeks ago I got this Yoga instructional set. I was thinking of really trying Yoga now since it will give me inner peace, learn how to be in trance when I need it the most. I was trying to be more Ryan than Sharpay Evans-like. But now I’m totally leaning towards Sharpay. I think anyone in this point will, except God. And so I did try it last night, followed by a semi-hardcore workout. But I think I should’ve done the work-out first. Lol. Anyway, yoga was fun. I want to be “boneless” so I guess its gonna work. I can now lift my legs up to the sky, aligned to my face, with my arms supporting my back. Amazing. But I bet 5 year olds can already do that. Bummer.

…So yes. I am so getting a punching bag.
Ohmygoodness I am so forgetting the essense of Yoga. Here, maybe if I hold the tree position for more than 5 minutes on each leg, it will help.