Lance told me about this.

But I can't watch the actual video for the best kiss award yet, but I love love love how this started. Ultimate lollage. And ultimate crushage on Chris Brown! GAH!

Hahaha. Sadly I wasn't able to watch it but I hope they air it on VH1 here soon. Or I might have just missed it live.


Great. I'm losing my sanity and I'm missing out on a lot of great things.

BTW. Starting tomorrow, I will end every post with either a Quote of the Day, Quandary of the Day, Conversation of the Day and what-not. Anything else I come up with.

I'm currently downloading some Jonas Brothers tunage to see if I might actually like them. I live in Mars these days that I've only actually thought of checking them out now. Haha.
Oh and whaddya know. I missed Oprah. I might've missed out on that ep where SATC stars guest on with Big. Dammit.


I'm turning 22 this month.
Nice. Not.