Please vote for my Adoribel!


She deserves it, and I love her to death!

Thanks you guys! BTW, will be updating again soon. I've been back to being dysfunctional again lately but thanks to my good friends Ayah, Lance, Best and Baban for helping me a lot! Baban and I are both very excited about me surprising him in school when I get back home! Woohoo! Lol.

Will be replying to comments ASAP.

One of today's highlights is when Eya told me that I remind her of Carrie when she saw SATC today! GAH! I love you Ya.


This is really hilarious. Since Jaybo and I don't talk very often anymore (blame it on me), he showed Lance this vid and Lance showed it to me at 8 AM it already got me laughing from there. Hahahahaha.

...That's what SHE SAID!!!
P.S. It reminds me of that BSB song now.