“We get it, you like to color.”

Samantha. You might not want to be like her, but you’ve got to admit that you can’t NOT love her!

Last night I chillaxed and watched that controversial ep of The Moment of Truth (yikes) and Oprah while I let my hair absorb the color (I went for Dark Blonde this time, but I’ll do the Leona Lewis-Keep Bleeding-Video hair color next month, I sure do hope it looks that way. Eek), and I screamed when the SATC cast were Oprah’s guests! I thought I missed it. My goodbeans. I loved SJParker’s hair color! Totally getting the exact same highlights.

Something gave me the creeps last night. Remember when I said that my Big IRL actually does start with a J too? Chris Noth, the guy who plays Big has a son that he named…ORION. From the constellation, Orion’s Belt… My Big IRL and I, our official constellation was the Orion’s Belt. Gah. Connect?? I remember he told me years ago that he would watch SATC and Carrie would remind him of me. Aww, shucks. Lol.

I’m not much into shoes though, but I can totally relate with the closet part. Always always always an issue with Carrie. I’ve dreamt of having a walk-in closet and one day, I know I’ll have one. With a white plush gigantic foot stool and a Cleopatra couch, two mini chandeliers (the ones from Ikea rock, and they’re really cheap), racks and racks of clothes, a dresser with bulbs (like those in dressing rooms), one leopard wall, a fluffy white rug, and a center table containing all the bling (you know how they display their jewelry in Mango?) Lovely.

DLing the SATC Soundtrack now (I love India.Arie's version of THE HEART OF THE MATTER! Killer lyrics talaga). I’m totally buying the original DVD set of SATC when I get back home. I only have them in original VCD copy, I want it in DVD! Rawr. I already have this book about the show, its hot pink and hard-bound with a snakeskin cover. Coolage, it was given to me about 4 years ago by Joel Garcia… I miss that guy! Lol, how random.

Oh, and just a thought.
I forgot that I took up Journalism.
I only speak the truth.
Lol. So maybe journalism really is my calling. Only you should hook me up with the fashion department. Hard news isn’t exactly my forte.

Anyways, spending a weekend at Ayah's again. Gotta go get ready. God willing we'd be off to Red Sea Mall tomorrow. Part II of my mission to raid Sephora (and maybe Roxy for a pair of flippies).


Big : "Should we get you a diamond?"
Carrie : "No. Just give me a really big closet."