I stapled a piece of paper…together?

You get it? I stapled a piece of paper! ONE PIECE OF PAPER! TOGETHER! Together isn’t even the appropriate word to use in this…situation.

What the heck! But you know what I realized? I realized that I was exactly like that piece of paper I had just stapled to itself…or whatever.

I try to attach myself to something, when really, the truth is – there is nothing I could attach myself to. The truth is, for now, I have to attach to myself …to myself.

It could also mean like I should attach me to something that I can’t physically see, something greater than myself – GOD.


Yesterday naman, I was talking on the phone to one of UPS’ representatives and as soon as I hung up, I realized that it was the first time in my life that I truly heard myself.

I wasn’t sure if I felt weird because my voice seemed unrecognizable to myself, or probably because… I heard myself! Have you ever felt that way, listening to yourself? I mean really hear you. Have you?

Thinking about it real hard right now, it seemed like I didn’t know where this voice was coming from. Oh, the road to me. Whoever thought it would be this rocky and shady.

Ayan kase, I keep asking for an epiphany, and now they come to me on almost a daily basis.
Nakakagulo tuloy. Haha.

My bestfriend/soulmate is shooting another commercial! Watch out for it, he’s one of the lead characters! I’m so excited. Haha. He definitely should treat me since he owes me one, about two years ago we planned on him treating me to Sushi! I wish I could have as many TVCs as he does. But he is such a pretty boy! I can’t beat his charm! Hahaha!

Oh and check it out. Remember that blog entry I typed last year about Krispy Kreme’s opening in Aziz Mall? Fainak, an events organization covered the launch, and they came up to me and asked if I wanted my photo taken to be posted in their website. I looked really haggard but I didn’t hesitate, so I went for it. My Mom didn’t want to be included in the pic, so there was this girl in line behind me that they asked to join me in the photo.

Taken November 2007

When they were getting our names, we found out that we shared the same name. We were even both wearing glasses at the time AND look at how we did our hair. Cool, huh? I’m trying to work with them, part-time. God willing they’d take me in.

Oh, and for all the aspiring models out there? I've got something cooking for you. I won't spill details yet, its gonna be a surprise, and not just from me! You'll see. Its gonna take awhile before its done though, but oooh I cannot wait to "give it" to you guys!!!

"It takes years to build a relationship.
A minute to break someone's heart.
And forever to get over it."
- Me