Survival of the ______?

I think the only way to get through this is :

1.) to maintain strong faith in God, 2.) always remember who you are, 3.) don't neglect your family, 4.) live life for yourself, aside from God, and not for others.

Quoting that Ghost Whisperer ep I saw last night, "the rest is just clutter."

Just a thought.


Stone the emo kid.

For all we know they don't deserve to live. But can you blame them for all the drama?

I'm lost. I've lost so much of myself in the last 2 years. There are so many things I haven't gotten over yet, so many things still frighten me, I don't know. I've been feeling a lot of things, mostly hate. I can't believe I'm still angsty. I thought those days were over. I thought I was done with being suicidal and hating the world.

In a generation where people claim to have freedom, we can't even step in the light in our own skin without being judged by the rest. By people who claim to know everything. Where's the freedom in that. I see that they're exercising freedom of speech, but what the hell. Too much is too much.

It started with something as petty as Twilight. I'm a Twilight fan. But then I get to be called all sorts of shit for liking Twilight. The hate is too much that Twilight fanatics get to be labeled as idiots. Seriously. We don't hate you for obsessing over Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, don't we? Given that all three are really awesome, don't we have the rights to like other things that you don't consider cool? Does that make us idiots? Stop comparing people from each other. If there's anything we should have in common its that we all want what's best for the world, for the future.

Then there's this feeling of constantly being ignored by people I try to be nice to. What the f is up with my ego. I was never like this before.

Times like these I tend to forget what really matters.

How about my boyfriend proposing to me last month? I'm finally engaged, we're happy, he's with me, we're making it happen.
How about my Mom's good prognosis after completing all 6 sessions?

These two things are more than enough to forget all the crap happening in the world. This is what I get for spending too much time on the internet. I used to say there shouldn't be a reason for anything. But right now all its all I want, and its what I keep looking for. I feel like we're all constantly fighting for something we're not supposed to, or that its unattainable.

I'm scared of losing my boyfriend, I'm scared of losing my Mom... I don't like the unknown. Maybe no one does.

I'm just mad at how the world has become for us. We used to be filled with so much love and acceptance for each other. People used to think equally of others. Whatever we're fighting for now, just doesn't make sense anymore. All we care about are the petty things. Whatever we're trying to prove to the world does not matter. In the end all you'll have is your soul, and God. At the end of the day you're still human. Sadly, a human with God complexes.

How about the Ampatuan Massacre? All those lives gone in a minute for what? What has the world come to. I can't help but shed a tear whenever I think of what the victims had to go through. How their families must feel like. How soulless the person/people behind the killing is, that scares me so much I feel like I could end up having nightmares.

I choose to live in my own world now. And if you think its uncool, go to hell. Like you're any better.


Featured Fashionista : OLIVIA L.

Do I even need to write something before this feature? I don't even think she needs an introduction of some sort. But its one question I constantly had to ask myself this morning, as I went through her photos and uploaded the best ones, which was almost impossible because every shot she took was just...hmm. I feel like awesome and epic just isn't enough. The first time I saw Olivia, as creepy as this sounds, and I totally mean it in a non-gay, obsessive way, but... she had me in a heartbeat.

Maybe its the confidence she exudes, or the outfits she wears, or the way she thinks (avid blog reader here), but here's what you could be sure of : its just how she IS, that's what hits you hard.

So there I was, one morning, one usual morning in front of my computer, crossing my fingers, praying and building up the confidence as I started writing to her, asking begging her to let me feature her on my blog.

The next day, she made my morning. I thought I was dreaming. I believe people like her had the right to ignore me, so imagine my disbelief when I saw her name on my inbox! Christmas came early, I thought. I'm just thrilled whenever people like Olivia would allow someone like me to feature someone like her (see the distinction?) in my blog (they're not just anyone, these are totally talented people who, if not have, then are starting to make a name for themselves).

Thank you for being too kind about this, Olivia. You didn't even need to, but you've just proven how awesome you are.

Olivia L.

1.) Place of Birth:
Trilla from Manila (Phillipines)

2.) What would you consider your inspirations (fashion-wise)?
At the moment I'm veering towards the French film noir era and Chicago in the 20's with all the city slicker's steeze for style inspiration (i.e. fedoras, trench coats and jazz shoes)

3.) Do you usually plan on what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously?
I find that I dress much snazzier when I'm given 3 minutes to throw something on so I plan to procrastinate until the very last minute to dress accordingly :)

4.) Other interests aside from Fashion:
Photo-journalism, debate, classic lit, traveling, contemporary dance

5.) How did you start blogging for Spanish Moss Vintage?
I started off as a model for them and later on Suzanne (the owner) invested interest in my little ramblings on my own personal blog and asked me to write for them

Olivia blogs as Wild Cat for Spanish Moss Vintage.

Olivia's C-Heads feature, among others.

6.) Who influenced you most with Fashion?
Audrey Hepburn and how seemingly polished she always looked in movies

7.) One item every girl must have in their closets:
High heeled boots! Can be worn with absolutely anything and everything! I feel they're not as overbearing to wear in the day time as stilettos are

8.) What I love most about your looks is how you add your personality to each outfit you wear, its how you express yourself that got me hooked - what tips would you give girls/guys who wish to do the same?
Take what you have and work with it...and don't believe the hype.

See Olivia on LookBook.


Divas are ()*#%&@ in Aphrodite's skin.

I'm feeling kind of bitter these days.
I hate it when fame gets to someone's head.

Okay, I like Megan Fox and I know she apologized for this, just posting the photo to emphasize my point.

I get that this person really is talented, and beautiful and all that, but it doesn't give anyone the right to give almost everybody the attitude. Nakaka-turn off eh. I mean, its supposed to be inspiring. But how are you going to inspire people when you don't even show how sincerely thankful you are for the attention they're showing you?

In the first place, without all these people believing in you, no matter how many people put you out there - if you're not sincerely appreciating it and just keep acting like a diva...

I like you, I really do. I just hope you appreciate us more.


I can't really doodle this.

It would've been more fun if I could, but anyway - this week in random :

1.) Got addicted with Café World. Now I log on Facebook to check my café, and cook, and level up, and compete with Andrew (I like to beat him, but he's ahead of me now).

2.) Yes to white nail polish!

3.) Saw New Moon about 7 times (in the comfort of my room, of course).

4.) Changed my call/message alert and alarm tones to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Lykke Li's Possibilty and Jay Sean's Down, respectively.

5.) Off from Saturday - Monday on Saturday (the boss changed his mind). The perfect time to binge and sleep all I want. Yes to gaining weight again.

6.) Enjoyed a few afternoons with Babe just giggling and being mildly brutal on each other.

7.) Noticed how much I've stocked up on Baskin Robbins these days, which is more than I have in 7 years.

8.) Changed my Hello Kitty sheets to Andrew's Superman sheets.

9.) Has been craving for cheese flavored anything for the past 2 days.

10.) Found a bruise today in my upper right leg, and don't remember how I got it.

11.) Was really saddened while watching the news (actually, whenever they air) about the Maguindanao Massacre. Its just too much.

12.) I just realized, I think I'm going to cry at the end of Stairway to Heaven.

13.) Reconfirmed my hate for Cannibal movies.

14.) Can't get over the fact that one of my ultimate girlcrushes allowed me to feature her on my blog. Srsly. Can't wait to publish that entry (probably tomorrow).

So, how did your week go?




Words fail me. Let us pray for all the victims. Its just too much.



When I was about 7, I remember seeing my Cousin's drawing of an empty bed, with black frames and grills. I was tearing through her art pad, and I remember staring at that particular picture for the longest time. I didn't even need to ask her to explain what it meant to me. It was that obvious.

It was a feeling I wasn't very aware of, but for some reason I understood. Then, I thought it meant sadness. Now I think its emptiness.

Beds are supposed to associate words and feelings like comfort, and contentment. Sanctuary.

I've been feeling down today, and I think I could blame it on my hormonal imbalance (you have been warned), but for some reason, after stumbling on this photo I took months ago of my bed, I realized it said everything I couldn't. Or at least that's how I feel when I see it.

I don't even know if I'm making sense.
But boy, looking at the bright side...its almost Christmas.
Cue to exhale.


New Moon

While I was watching Twilight a year ago, I remember jotting down notes of things I liked and disliked. I was that hooked. I liked Twilight, I still think Catherine Hardwicke did a good job. It wasn't her fault that Twilight came out that way, if only they granted her the budget she wanted for the film. But Chris Weitz on the other hand... I mean, I know how the story goes, like most TwiHards, yet he managed to keep my eyes glued on the screen, and trust me - its not on Jacob's abs, or Edward's swoony ways (although I do admit, I loved both. Break me off a piece of that. And that. Yes, thanks).

New Moon. Here 's what I loved (and a couple of things that I didn't) about you:

1.) The Soundtrack. I mean srsly, man. Who wouldn't love the soundtrack. I remember listening to Lykke Li's "POSSIBILITY" on repeat for days. I'd wondered on what scene they'd play it on. The rest of the tracks are awesome too, like Bon Iver and St. Vincent's "ROSLYN","SATELLITE HEART" by Anya Marina, Grizzly Bear's "SLOW LIFE" and of course Alexandre Desplat's "THE MEADOW" (I became a fan of his since I downloaded Coco Avant Chanel's OST). And when they played Possibility during the "four dreadful months", it was awesome! I srsly wanted to cry. I love how that scene went. It was very Notting Hill. Gave me goosebumps.

2.) The Graphics. And guess what, I didn't even see it in the big screen. I had no choice but to be on loser mode and watch the ARR! copy (can't help myself), and it was still awesome! The wolves morphing made my jaw drop. Most of the time I just wanted to run to Jacob (the werewolf/shapeshifter) and go all googoogaagaa on him.

3.) Bella. When I read New Moon, I wasn't really irritated at Bella moping. I totally understood what she was going through - I have suffered from the same thing : feeling a hole in my stomach, having nightmares, I stopped living. I just felt it in the movie. Maybe its because I understand, but I think KStew's portrayal of Bella in this installment was much better than Twilight's.

4.) Jacob. On the other hand, I hated New Moon because of Jacob. But the movie changed that for me. It made me see the side of Jacob (a side I didn't see until Eclipse). At one point, I even wanted Bella to choose him instead.

5.) Dakota Fanning. She was perfect for Jane. Man, she's a lady now. Makes me feel so old. But she's awesome. How can you not love that ladygirl?

6.) Script. Yes, some of the important dialogues were taken out, there was less tension between Bella and Charlie (and Edward), but for some reason it didn't really ruin it for me. Like you, I wished the proposal happened the exact same way in the book (I found it a lot more romantic, but RPattz's delivery in the movie just made me flyflyfly). Itwas nice saying the exact same lines in most parts of the film, just how Stephenie wrote them. I also like how they made Edward alive through Bella's thoughts, especially when she jumped off the cliff! Gah, that made me want to cry (again). Also, New Moon made me laugh more.

Overall, I think they did a good job. Its funny because Twilight got all the hype, and it turned out okay. I didn't feel much of New Moon (I was still looking forward to see it though), but it was just awesome for me. Can't wait for the Blu-Ray release!

Oh no, New Moon fever.


I'm so excited...

...and I just can't hide it, yeahhhh ooohhh baaaaby!!!

I swear, this is so exciting. I've been backreading my old Blogspot, and Helga's website, and I must say how happy I am that I'm back here. I need to dig my old self up from the grave! Where is this Abbie who shared so much about herself, who was so confident in spite of how awesome(r) the girls she looked up to were compared to her? Srsly! I miss her! Do you?


But anyway, I know there are a lot of things I have to work on. I feel like I came from SOUL CAMP not learning anything.

"I just lost myself, that's all."

"But arent you supposed to like, go into limbo or something and come back and be all freakin' Einstein and shit?"


How depressing. Pssh.
But do bear with me, friends. God knows I'm trying! And thinking about re-discovering myself just feels oh-so-orgasmically-good!

You know what it feels like? It feels like the Power Rangers being apart from each other for so long, constantly screwing up their missions (that's how I was), and finally finding themselves in one place and morphing into this totally awesome giant robot with awesome(r) super powers, even better than they were before (that's what I aim to be)!

COME! Let's find a trampoline and jump on it together!! WEEEEE!!!!!


New Blogspot Home

HEY YOU!!! I know its been awhile - well, I just want all y'all to know that I'm back in Blogspot (yes, I know how indecisive I am, I don't need to be reminded thankyouverymuch), VISIT ME HERE!!!

Love you guys!


Featured Fashionista : TIN IGLESIAS

It was one of those days spent on Lookbook, lurking around. I don't remember how I ended up on her page, but after browsing through her looks, I can't help but think how awesome she was in terms of expressing herself through her clothes. We befriended each other, and the more I learn about her, the lower my jaw drops to the floor. I guess its cos there are very rare moments in one's life where they realize they actually met someone who they are totally sure will make it up there one day. That person to me is Tin. Not only is she a trendsetter, she's a promising designer, too (talk about all that rolled into one), with an awesome personality to match! Most of her looks are something you don't see on a daily basis, and I love how she injects a part of herself into the outfit and not make it look like she tries too hard. She is effortless.

Tin Iglesias

1.) Place of Birth
San Juan, Greenhills, Metro Manila

2.) Other Likes/Interests
In my free time, I draw, paint, design, and take photographs. I have a penchant for anything artsy!

Some of Tin's Illustrations.

3.) When did you first find out about your obsession/interest for Fashion?
I started sketching girls in cutesy and feminine clothes when I was 8 or 9 years old, and I guess it just grew from that. Reading different fashion magazines have also interested me into purchasing different styles of clothing and trying them out.

4.) Do you have a Signature style?
I think it’s pretty hard for me to answer this question because I don’t really like to box myself in to one style. I like to mix and match things; I usually don’t stray too far, but I do like to scout different styles sporadically. Some days, my style is very classic and effortless, and other days I like to look more innovative. That said, my style could be described as eclectic or uniquely me. I know what I like to wear, and that’s the style I like to go with.

5.) Fashion Inspirations?
I think everyday people on the streets motivate me more than anything; they can look incredible, get really stylish and creative without hiring a personal stylist or spending a thousand peso bankroll. Paintings, photographs, songs, catalogues of product shots (mainly everything that touches me) are good inspirations to boot.

6.) How do you usually put an outfit together, do you plan for it or just pick anything out of the closet spontaneously?
Generally, I just throw whatever couple of pieces I love together. I start with a piece of clothing I am thrilled about, either because it’s new, I haven’t worn it in a long time, or I have recently made an alteration to it. But every so often an outfit is dependent on my mood; it is based around a definite feeling or look I want to build.

7.) Advice for girls/boys who follow rules most of the time in putting an outfit together?
Letting your personality shine can swiftly pull an otherwise disjointed outfit together. Of course it is pleasurable to feel like you fit in or that you are following the rules. However at the same time, it’s much more satisfying to find your own sense of style, mixing and matching different trends, styles and concepts to create something that’s exceptionally you. It is really important to show your personality off through what you wear. Think of it this way — to renounce your identity by conforming or following everyone else is to deny the world of your potentially unique contribution. Individual creative expression is the way to go!

8.) Where do you usually shop?
Oh snap, where do I begin? I shop anywhere and everywhere! I can never go wrong with H&M, Topshop, Zara, Mango, The Ramp Crossings, Forever 21, Rockwell’s Archaeology, department stores, thrift shops, online stores and bazaars. I also shop a lot abroad!

9.) How you did start working for/under Tongue-In-Chic? Tell us about the perks!
They featured my style first and subsequently, the managing editor a.k.a my super cool boss Joyce Wong stumbled upon my Tumblr blog and e-mailed me if I would like to contribute to the website. I unhesitatingly agreed, of course. :) Getting paid for writing anything and everything about fashion is awesome!

Find out more about Tin here.


Happy Birthday, Fcukstain!

Back in October 2006, I got this text message from you :

Alam mo bang 1 year na tayong magkakilala? :)

And I thought it was the sweetest thing. Back then, I remember us ranting about almost anything to each other, and I told you that I would be there for you. I know we haven't hung out lately, but all the cheese-covered stuff I told you before? I still feel that way.

I love you for the person that you were, are, and will become. And your last name is awesome, but for me that will always be the bonus (and I mean this in the awesomest way possible).

No matter how much fame holds you, to me, you will always be that girl I sat next to in that red leather sofa at Toto Labrador's studio, the first person who spoke to me while I was fidgeting, reading The Da Vinci Code during our first shoot for Seventeen. You will always be that girl who, no matter how long we haven't heard from each other, will still kiss me in the cheek whenever we meet like it hasn't been eons since the last time we hung out.

I will always be your friend, but I will always be your fan, too.

I love you forever, and I miss you SO much, Fcukstain. I can't wait to see you again.

(photo/editing by Apang Florescio)

I know God will continue to bless you and your wonderful family! Next time, kasama na kami nila Chammy sa birthday celebration mo! Sleep-over na'to kila Essy! SLUMBER PARTY! Haha! *cyberbearhugs*



Ironic that the word LIE is in BELIEVE.

I used to hate reality. I used to be one of those naive teenagers who would rather make things up in their heads and live in Lala-Land just to be happy.

"Oh wow, this is so awesome, I'm so happy, I'm having a super time right now!! Oh yeah!!"

Deep down I just wanted to slit my wrists. Yeah I was emo. I think I still am. Deep down, there's still this girl who wants to go all deep on cheese, iykwim. But with the rate of how things went for me lately, I prefer to put on the "Hey this girl knows how to handle her problems! Awesome!" mask on and just sleep on it. I haven't even been blogging about my feelings. Or even writing on my journal, which is supposed to be my alternative to publicly baring myself naked in the intarwebs. I actually hate what I've become. I miss being the sponge that I was, absorbing things, letting people know how I felt, because to me, it was therapeutic. But for some reason I wanted to become all hard and shh, I went on "my thoughts you can't decode" phase. Lance even warned me about overdoing it, but I guess I went too far.

I would still hate on haters, that will never change. But how about how I feel on a daily basis. How am I supposed to let that out now that there are walls I built around myself. I don't like this.

I just don't know what to believe anymore. Sometimes, I don't even think I could believe myself, and how I feel. The hardest part is when you lose so much of yourself, you don't know which part of you is real - which part of you is still there, which part of you is gone.

The world is full of lies, but which one should I believe?


Macaroni Hair : Sea of Twisted Tassels

I've had my hair permed several times before, but they have always been long. I love it when the curls start to wear off, they look messy chic.

First Perm
With Whango Gallaga back in 2006

Second Perm
Early 2007, Photo by Sara Black

Third Perm
I love how SHINE GIRLS used the Digital Perming Machine on this one.

A few months back, I decided I wanted it straight again. So I did, but my hair became frizzy so I got a hair cut, and fast forward to seven months later, there I am, sitting in the salon chair, watching the stylist twist my hair into the rollers.

If my hair were long, I'd know what to expect. But my hair was shoulder-length. And it was my first time getting a perm with this length.

I found out how in dire need I was of mousse. Haha! I liked it, I just wasn't used to seeing myself like that. All I need was a white polo - tied up to my abs (Wait, what abs? They don't exist anymore) , some cropped denims, and Keds. The name is Frances Houseman, sugar. Baby for short.

But srsly, I love this movie.

Or hey, how about K-K-K-K-Katie!

I love Katie Morosky.

So yes, I managed to pull them back for today, thanks to Andrew's tin can of Bench wax (I love how it smells too), and because I didn't bring Andrew's DLSR to work, or my digicam - I was too excited with sharing how I managed to go to work today without disappearing under a sea of twisted tassels (Hey, me likey! I'll start calling my hair that), thank God for camera phones.


I finally get to use that Feather clip I got from Forever21 last month. I've always wanted to do this with my hair. And now I know how I want my hair done for my wedding. So awesome. I'm loving my hair now! Curlytops always WIN.



Pronunciation : \ˈgēk\
Function: noun

Geeks are pretty much people who have a real understanding for a certain topic eg Films, music, cars. It’s usualy that they are totaly obsessed about the topic, or it’s just something they think a lot on ; an outwardly normal person who has taken the time to learn technical skills. Geeks have as normal a social life as anyone, and usually the only way to tell if someone is a geek is if they inform you of their skills. (urbandic)

A person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked (merriam-webster)

Any person considered to be different from others in a negative or bizarre way, as a teenager seen as being socially or physically awkward (yourdictionary)


Last Thursday, I...

...looked dressy and asked my boyfriend to take photos of me.

Thursdays are awesome. Especially when its spent lying around the house with the beau!


Fashion Cliques

What would you be for 2010?

The Punky Bunch

The Prep Squad

The Tomboys

The Cozy Crowd

(source : TeenVogue)



I've been a fan of musicals for as long as I can remember, thanks to my Mom. I remember watching The Wizard of Oz for about ten times a day. Although I am aware that I have to catch up on others (I have the West Side Story on my HD, that I have yet to see), this one got me hooked.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The first time I saw this, I was actually hesitant to even continue, but dammit (Janet), I was glued! But I think its going to take a few more eyeloot before I can actually WANT to dress up like that for Halloween (I want to be Elphaba next year).

I want this printed on a tee.


Who knew.

Welcome me back, Blogspot. I'm yours again.
I missed you.