Divas are ()*#%&@ in Aphrodite's skin.

I'm feeling kind of bitter these days.
I hate it when fame gets to someone's head.

Okay, I like Megan Fox and I know she apologized for this, just posting the photo to emphasize my point.

I get that this person really is talented, and beautiful and all that, but it doesn't give anyone the right to give almost everybody the attitude. Nakaka-turn off eh. I mean, its supposed to be inspiring. But how are you going to inspire people when you don't even show how sincerely thankful you are for the attention they're showing you?

In the first place, without all these people believing in you, no matter how many people put you out there - if you're not sincerely appreciating it and just keep acting like a diva...

I like you, I really do. I just hope you appreciate us more.