Featured Fashionista : OLIVIA L.

Do I even need to write something before this feature? I don't even think she needs an introduction of some sort. But its one question I constantly had to ask myself this morning, as I went through her photos and uploaded the best ones, which was almost impossible because every shot she took was just...hmm. I feel like awesome and epic just isn't enough. The first time I saw Olivia, as creepy as this sounds, and I totally mean it in a non-gay, obsessive way, but... she had me in a heartbeat.

Maybe its the confidence she exudes, or the outfits she wears, or the way she thinks (avid blog reader here), but here's what you could be sure of : its just how she IS, that's what hits you hard.

So there I was, one morning, one usual morning in front of my computer, crossing my fingers, praying and building up the confidence as I started writing to her, asking begging her to let me feature her on my blog.

The next day, she made my morning. I thought I was dreaming. I believe people like her had the right to ignore me, so imagine my disbelief when I saw her name on my inbox! Christmas came early, I thought. I'm just thrilled whenever people like Olivia would allow someone like me to feature someone like her (see the distinction?) in my blog (they're not just anyone, these are totally talented people who, if not have, then are starting to make a name for themselves).

Thank you for being too kind about this, Olivia. You didn't even need to, but you've just proven how awesome you are.

Olivia L.

1.) Place of Birth:
Trilla from Manila (Phillipines)

2.) What would you consider your inspirations (fashion-wise)?
At the moment I'm veering towards the French film noir era and Chicago in the 20's with all the city slicker's steeze for style inspiration (i.e. fedoras, trench coats and jazz shoes)

3.) Do you usually plan on what to wear, or do you dress spontaneously?
I find that I dress much snazzier when I'm given 3 minutes to throw something on so I plan to procrastinate until the very last minute to dress accordingly :)

4.) Other interests aside from Fashion:
Photo-journalism, debate, classic lit, traveling, contemporary dance

5.) How did you start blogging for Spanish Moss Vintage?
I started off as a model for them and later on Suzanne (the owner) invested interest in my little ramblings on my own personal blog and asked me to write for them

Olivia blogs as Wild Cat for Spanish Moss Vintage.

Olivia's C-Heads feature, among others.

6.) Who influenced you most with Fashion?
Audrey Hepburn and how seemingly polished she always looked in movies

7.) One item every girl must have in their closets:
High heeled boots! Can be worn with absolutely anything and everything! I feel they're not as overbearing to wear in the day time as stilettos are

8.) What I love most about your looks is how you add your personality to each outfit you wear, its how you express yourself that got me hooked - what tips would you give girls/guys who wish to do the same?
Take what you have and work with it...and don't believe the hype.

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