Featured Fashionista : TIN IGLESIAS

It was one of those days spent on Lookbook, lurking around. I don't remember how I ended up on her page, but after browsing through her looks, I can't help but think how awesome she was in terms of expressing herself through her clothes. We befriended each other, and the more I learn about her, the lower my jaw drops to the floor. I guess its cos there are very rare moments in one's life where they realize they actually met someone who they are totally sure will make it up there one day. That person to me is Tin. Not only is she a trendsetter, she's a promising designer, too (talk about all that rolled into one), with an awesome personality to match! Most of her looks are something you don't see on a daily basis, and I love how she injects a part of herself into the outfit and not make it look like she tries too hard. She is effortless.

Tin Iglesias

1.) Place of Birth
San Juan, Greenhills, Metro Manila

2.) Other Likes/Interests
In my free time, I draw, paint, design, and take photographs. I have a penchant for anything artsy!

Some of Tin's Illustrations.

3.) When did you first find out about your obsession/interest for Fashion?
I started sketching girls in cutesy and feminine clothes when I was 8 or 9 years old, and I guess it just grew from that. Reading different fashion magazines have also interested me into purchasing different styles of clothing and trying them out.

4.) Do you have a Signature style?
I think it’s pretty hard for me to answer this question because I don’t really like to box myself in to one style. I like to mix and match things; I usually don’t stray too far, but I do like to scout different styles sporadically. Some days, my style is very classic and effortless, and other days I like to look more innovative. That said, my style could be described as eclectic or uniquely me. I know what I like to wear, and that’s the style I like to go with.

5.) Fashion Inspirations?
I think everyday people on the streets motivate me more than anything; they can look incredible, get really stylish and creative without hiring a personal stylist or spending a thousand peso bankroll. Paintings, photographs, songs, catalogues of product shots (mainly everything that touches me) are good inspirations to boot.

6.) How do you usually put an outfit together, do you plan for it or just pick anything out of the closet spontaneously?
Generally, I just throw whatever couple of pieces I love together. I start with a piece of clothing I am thrilled about, either because it’s new, I haven’t worn it in a long time, or I have recently made an alteration to it. But every so often an outfit is dependent on my mood; it is based around a definite feeling or look I want to build.

7.) Advice for girls/boys who follow rules most of the time in putting an outfit together?
Letting your personality shine can swiftly pull an otherwise disjointed outfit together. Of course it is pleasurable to feel like you fit in or that you are following the rules. However at the same time, it’s much more satisfying to find your own sense of style, mixing and matching different trends, styles and concepts to create something that’s exceptionally you. It is really important to show your personality off through what you wear. Think of it this way — to renounce your identity by conforming or following everyone else is to deny the world of your potentially unique contribution. Individual creative expression is the way to go!

8.) Where do you usually shop?
Oh snap, where do I begin? I shop anywhere and everywhere! I can never go wrong with H&M, Topshop, Zara, Mango, The Ramp Crossings, Forever 21, Rockwell’s Archaeology, department stores, thrift shops, online stores and bazaars. I also shop a lot abroad!

9.) How you did start working for/under Tongue-In-Chic? Tell us about the perks!
They featured my style first and subsequently, the managing editor a.k.a my super cool boss Joyce Wong stumbled upon my Tumblr blog and e-mailed me if I would like to contribute to the website. I unhesitatingly agreed, of course. :) Getting paid for writing anything and everything about fashion is awesome!

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