Happy Birthday, Fcukstain!

Back in October 2006, I got this text message from you :

Alam mo bang 1 year na tayong magkakilala? :)

And I thought it was the sweetest thing. Back then, I remember us ranting about almost anything to each other, and I told you that I would be there for you. I know we haven't hung out lately, but all the cheese-covered stuff I told you before? I still feel that way.

I love you for the person that you were, are, and will become. And your last name is awesome, but for me that will always be the bonus (and I mean this in the awesomest way possible).

No matter how much fame holds you, to me, you will always be that girl I sat next to in that red leather sofa at Toto Labrador's studio, the first person who spoke to me while I was fidgeting, reading The Da Vinci Code during our first shoot for Seventeen. You will always be that girl who, no matter how long we haven't heard from each other, will still kiss me in the cheek whenever we meet like it hasn't been eons since the last time we hung out.

I will always be your friend, but I will always be your fan, too.

I love you forever, and I miss you SO much, Fcukstain. I can't wait to see you again.

(photo/editing by Apang Florescio)

I know God will continue to bless you and your wonderful family! Next time, kasama na kami nila Chammy sa birthday celebration mo! Sleep-over na'to kila Essy! SLUMBER PARTY! Haha! *cyberbearhugs*