I can't really doodle this.

It would've been more fun if I could, but anyway - this week in random :

1.) Got addicted with Café World. Now I log on Facebook to check my café, and cook, and level up, and compete with Andrew (I like to beat him, but he's ahead of me now).

2.) Yes to white nail polish!

3.) Saw New Moon about 7 times (in the comfort of my room, of course).

4.) Changed my call/message alert and alarm tones to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Lykke Li's Possibilty and Jay Sean's Down, respectively.

5.) Off from Saturday - Monday on Saturday (the boss changed his mind). The perfect time to binge and sleep all I want. Yes to gaining weight again.

6.) Enjoyed a few afternoons with Babe just giggling and being mildly brutal on each other.

7.) Noticed how much I've stocked up on Baskin Robbins these days, which is more than I have in 7 years.

8.) Changed my Hello Kitty sheets to Andrew's Superman sheets.

9.) Has been craving for cheese flavored anything for the past 2 days.

10.) Found a bruise today in my upper right leg, and don't remember how I got it.

11.) Was really saddened while watching the news (actually, whenever they air) about the Maguindanao Massacre. Its just too much.

12.) I just realized, I think I'm going to cry at the end of Stairway to Heaven.

13.) Reconfirmed my hate for Cannibal movies.

14.) Can't get over the fact that one of my ultimate girlcrushes allowed me to feature her on my blog. Srsly. Can't wait to publish that entry (probably tomorrow).

So, how did your week go?