Macaroni Hair : Sea of Twisted Tassels

I've had my hair permed several times before, but they have always been long. I love it when the curls start to wear off, they look messy chic.

First Perm
With Whango Gallaga back in 2006

Second Perm
Early 2007, Photo by Sara Black

Third Perm
I love how SHINE GIRLS used the Digital Perming Machine on this one.

A few months back, I decided I wanted it straight again. So I did, but my hair became frizzy so I got a hair cut, and fast forward to seven months later, there I am, sitting in the salon chair, watching the stylist twist my hair into the rollers.

If my hair were long, I'd know what to expect. But my hair was shoulder-length. And it was my first time getting a perm with this length.

I found out how in dire need I was of mousse. Haha! I liked it, I just wasn't used to seeing myself like that. All I need was a white polo - tied up to my abs (Wait, what abs? They don't exist anymore) , some cropped denims, and Keds. The name is Frances Houseman, sugar. Baby for short.

But srsly, I love this movie.

Or hey, how about K-K-K-K-Katie!

I love Katie Morosky.

So yes, I managed to pull them back for today, thanks to Andrew's tin can of Bench wax (I love how it smells too), and because I didn't bring Andrew's DLSR to work, or my digicam - I was too excited with sharing how I managed to go to work today without disappearing under a sea of twisted tassels (Hey, me likey! I'll start calling my hair that), thank God for camera phones.


I finally get to use that Feather clip I got from Forever21 last month. I've always wanted to do this with my hair. And now I know how I want my hair done for my wedding. So awesome. I'm loving my hair now! Curlytops always WIN.