New Moon

While I was watching Twilight a year ago, I remember jotting down notes of things I liked and disliked. I was that hooked. I liked Twilight, I still think Catherine Hardwicke did a good job. It wasn't her fault that Twilight came out that way, if only they granted her the budget she wanted for the film. But Chris Weitz on the other hand... I mean, I know how the story goes, like most TwiHards, yet he managed to keep my eyes glued on the screen, and trust me - its not on Jacob's abs, or Edward's swoony ways (although I do admit, I loved both. Break me off a piece of that. And that. Yes, thanks).

New Moon. Here 's what I loved (and a couple of things that I didn't) about you:

1.) The Soundtrack. I mean srsly, man. Who wouldn't love the soundtrack. I remember listening to Lykke Li's "POSSIBILITY" on repeat for days. I'd wondered on what scene they'd play it on. The rest of the tracks are awesome too, like Bon Iver and St. Vincent's "ROSLYN","SATELLITE HEART" by Anya Marina, Grizzly Bear's "SLOW LIFE" and of course Alexandre Desplat's "THE MEADOW" (I became a fan of his since I downloaded Coco Avant Chanel's OST). And when they played Possibility during the "four dreadful months", it was awesome! I srsly wanted to cry. I love how that scene went. It was very Notting Hill. Gave me goosebumps.

2.) The Graphics. And guess what, I didn't even see it in the big screen. I had no choice but to be on loser mode and watch the ARR! copy (can't help myself), and it was still awesome! The wolves morphing made my jaw drop. Most of the time I just wanted to run to Jacob (the werewolf/shapeshifter) and go all googoogaagaa on him.

3.) Bella. When I read New Moon, I wasn't really irritated at Bella moping. I totally understood what she was going through - I have suffered from the same thing : feeling a hole in my stomach, having nightmares, I stopped living. I just felt it in the movie. Maybe its because I understand, but I think KStew's portrayal of Bella in this installment was much better than Twilight's.

4.) Jacob. On the other hand, I hated New Moon because of Jacob. But the movie changed that for me. It made me see the side of Jacob (a side I didn't see until Eclipse). At one point, I even wanted Bella to choose him instead.

5.) Dakota Fanning. She was perfect for Jane. Man, she's a lady now. Makes me feel so old. But she's awesome. How can you not love that ladygirl?

6.) Script. Yes, some of the important dialogues were taken out, there was less tension between Bella and Charlie (and Edward), but for some reason it didn't really ruin it for me. Like you, I wished the proposal happened the exact same way in the book (I found it a lot more romantic, but RPattz's delivery in the movie just made me flyflyfly). Itwas nice saying the exact same lines in most parts of the film, just how Stephenie wrote them. I also like how they made Edward alive through Bella's thoughts, especially when she jumped off the cliff! Gah, that made me want to cry (again). Also, New Moon made me laugh more.

Overall, I think they did a good job. Its funny because Twilight got all the hype, and it turned out okay. I didn't feel much of New Moon (I was still looking forward to see it though), but it was just awesome for me. Can't wait for the Blu-Ray release!

Oh no, New Moon fever.


  1. Waaah!
    Lalo tuloy akong na-excite. Tom pa ko manonood eh. Haha.

  2. hey abbie! glad to see you back here, i didn't like tumblr.

    anyways, love ur review, i never read the books, but after new moon, i read the last 2 books in 2 days, i just couldn't wait until june next year! really good movie.

    you summed it up quite well in 3). That's one of the reasons i liked the movie so much.


  3. Stef, I'm sure nakita mo na! Heehee! :D

    Nat, thank you so much!!! <3 Eclipse, I can't wait to see Eclipse! WAH! Especially Breaking Dawn :D