Formspring Kwezchunz # 4

Last Formspring session for 2009, woot!

I love you, Abbieroo!! Why so awesome? Happy a wonderful 2010 ahead of you! xo
I love you moar, Joeyroo! Goodness, how are you and how have you been?! I miss hearing from you! :( I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! More blessings for us! <3

Abs, I just want to ask kung anong code ginamit mo para malagay sa sidebar mo yung FormSpring. Thanks.

Ohai Anj! I just clicked on the Widget tab and voila! The code is there. Heehee! :D

Hi, lover! :* I meeeeth you!
LOVAAR!!! I mizz you too! :( I can't wait to see you and the girls again!

Ate when and where is the wedding?'',?
It depends on when it's gonna be. If things will go as planned (God knows), malamang civil wedding will be here, in the MidEast :)

What's your dream job?^^
Ohai Tey!! I seriously would love to continue modeling when we settle for good in the Philippines! :( Also, I want to write/style for PREVIEW! OMG. Haha! I think doon talaga yung calling ko, sa fashion. I may not be a know-it-all when it comes to fasyon, but...I'm obsessed. Kung mayaman lang ako, goodness. Haha!

Hello, Ate Abbie! :) I posted something here anonymously yesterday. I just made an account now. :)) Just sayin' :) Advance Happy New Year. :)
Ohai Joy! Yep, got it! Happy New Year to you too! <3

ilang years na kau ni andrew? congrats! so when's the wedding?
Malapit na mag 6 years dapat but we broke up in 2008, and remained that way for 8 months. Naayos naman namin ang mga bagay-bagay, thank God :) We're planning sana by early or mid 2010, but we'll see. May mga dapat pa kaming ayusin before we get hitched :)

Hi Ate Abbie!! :) How are you? I seem quite FC or something. Sorry. :)) Yeah. I just wanted to know how you're doing. :) - Joy |
(It was prettypinkskies.tumblr before. :])
Haha no you don't sound FC at all <3 I'm doing good, thanks! You? Oh, and I followed you already in Tumblr, right? *checks* YES I DID! Heehee! Thanks for asking, sweetie!

I wonder too but at least I am happy :) I hope you have the wedding of your dreams! I know that it doesn't matter whether it's big or small, what matters is that everyone knows you're giving your heart to your Andrew :) and everyone else who wants to steal him can back off cause he's yours :P proof is on your left ring finger :D
So true! And that's really sweet <3 Civil wedding first though, most likely. Wala pang enough money to have a church wedding! Wah! Haha! And yeah, I hope they get the message. Ang sarap mag "in your face!" eh. Miss you Nininz!

Congratulations Miss Abbie!:)
Thank you, thank you!!! <3

So, are you still with me for 2010? Cos if you are, then LET'S DO THIS! Happy New Year, everyone!! Much love! x


Grunge Anatomy

I did say "Retail Therapy No More" for 2010. So last night, when I was really stressed out, instead of spreading the hate on the intarwebs, I did something that would cure it somehow.

Oh yeah. Nothing like camwhoring to make your day.

Oh and, these are not Lomo Babies. I haven't used my Diana in the longest time (bummer). I just edited them.


I wanna see!!!


All you need is...


Judging on how the year was for us, apart from God - this is what keeps us sane. You will always have it in you. For your family, friends, lovers. Spread it. Give all of it every single day, there will be more than enough for tomorrow. 

(I am absolutely obsessed with this photo of my friend Janna and her beau, James. I want a photo taken like this too! :) I'm really happy for you, Janny. You guys make a great couple. Stay in love, you two! P.S. - Thanks for letting me use your photo. I post-processed it btw, hope you like it!)


Formspring Kwezchunz # 3

Hi Abbie!:) The first time I saw you on Seventeen super like na kita:"> Hehe. Btw, you're so gorgeous:)
WAAAH thank you so much! That's really sweet! 

Hi Abbie! I've followed yours and Andrew's love story and let me say congratulations to your recent engagement. I am happy for you. :) Anyways. My question is, how did you find it in your heart to forgive him despite all the things that happened and all the things he has done to hurt you?
Wow. Heehee! Thank you!! Okay, well honestly, I didn't even think it was possible. I was always torn in between hating him for life and giving him another chance in case he asked for it. No matter what I said or thought about him, things changed when we met again. My friends warned me about it, like - it would be normal to badly miss an ex after a (dramatic) break-up, but we both had to talk about it, I had to know EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE THING before I could come to forgiving him (just him, not her, maybe not yet). I guess, if God brings two people together, no matter what happens in between, no matter how many ruthless people try to tear you apart, in the end, there'll always be you and him. Just you and him. You'll just know it, in your heart. You'll know if its right, you'll know if you're doubtful and if you're willing to take the risk, regardless. You'll know :)

When can I meet you? :))
You will soon!! Err in 11.5 months. God knows the exact date I'll be in Philippine soil. Haha! I missed hearing from you, Ish!

I WILL NOT ASK, BUT WILL LEAVE YOU A MESSAGE :) Let me know when you're coming back here in MNL! Ily, Alien Cousin! 
I love you too, Alien Cousin! Haha! I will be home next year, I'll see you! <3 class="Apple-style-span" style="font-weight: bold;">Hello Ate Abs! All is well with me though I do wish some of my college "friends" would stop being so surprised when they find out I'm still with my boyfriend, it's a bit insulting since I get the feeling that they think I'm incapable of being in a relationship for more that a couple of months. Anyway, all is well indeed. I hope everything is going great for you and your fiance. When are you guys getting married? :) Happy belated Christmas by the way! 
That blows, Nininz. I wonder what's up with them. Well all I can say is, keep surprising them! Haha! Basta ikaw, happy. Right, sweetie? :) Nako next year pa, if not early, then mid-2010. God knows. Belated Merry Pasko to you too!!
This is nice, thanks for sharing! :)

Formspring page here! Or you can use the widget on my sidebar! Lovelove, you guys!


361 down, 4 to go.

2009. How do I even begin to describe 2009? 2009 was flawless? 2009's favorite movie is Varsity Blues? ... Okay, srsly. 2009 punched me in the face. It wasn't awesome.

2009 was Switzerland for me. It was both good and bad. I think this was the year where I could say I've 'grown up'. But who am I kidding. I will always be 17 no matter what. Hurhur. Though I am not in a reflective mood, I'll try my best to sum up my 2009 - just not in the same way as before.

I think this was a year of struggle. There were so many things to deal with - emotionally and mentally, family, love life and work-related. It didn't really feel like I went through 2009 at all. It was like I was in limbo. Like I decided to function on auto-pilot mode, never really realizing what's here, the blessings I've received.

I was struggling to be strong for my Mom, and to what our family had to go through. Never in my life did I imagine my Mom to have this. Truth be told, reality hasn't set in, all I do is keep positive, because that's the only way I can stay sane. Optimism and Realism don't really go together most of the time.
I was struggling in my relationship. There came a point in time where I felt neglected, when I barely had one hand holding on. It wasn't easy at all. I was back in the days where I would cry in the bathroom like I had two years ago, when I was surrounded with vivid nightmares.
I was struggling with work. When things just keep getting out of hand and I start to question my purpose, or deeply think about what I really wanted to do in life.

But then...

Looking at the bright side, there are so many things to be thankful for. My Mom surviving, as she will for many many many years, Andrew flying to the Middle East, my engagement, my awesome co-workers... they're what make my year 80% better.

In 4 days, the sun will set for 2009. After that, we'll huddle around family and friends, celebrate as the year officially ends, and we'll pray for a better tomorrow. For a better 2010.

We'll pray for better lives for each member in our family, we'll pray that justice will be brought to the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre and all the heinous crimes and tragedies of 2009, we'll pray for a better future for the Philippines, for the OFWs and the less fortunate, we'll pray for forgiveness, we'll pray for stronger faith.

Peace, Love and Happiness, everyone! God bless you all!


2010 Fashion Forecast

Lovely. I see Bunny Ears, Cut-out Maillots, Denim, Sheer, Thigh-High Boots/Socks, One shouldered dresses/tops, Ripped Denims/Stockings - some of which have made their way to the top of 2009's IT list.

HAIR! Platinum blonde, 70's, Long and Wavy, Up-do, Loose Buns, and Braids - dangnabbit, braids are huge next year, particularly side-braids.

Spring 2010. Yay, moar Mouse/Bunny ears! Yellows, Pinks, Reds. I see Lingerie worn "out" is still expected to be in the scene, drapey dresses and sheer. And those awesome, "extended shoulder" Blazers/Dresses.

(via F'nising)

I think 2010 is exciting for Fashionistas. For some reason I feel like Avant-Garde is starting to become something we could do everyday. For people who have been praying for this (like me, since I like experimenting a lot when it comes to my outfits, well not that I can go Dior on your ass in terms of creativity, but) I think this year is for us.

Not to brag, but I've always loved the idea of wearing corsets and negligees out, and ripped/distressed stockings have sort of been a thing for me since 2007 because I was all over the scene, err... scene. And I have been sporting the messy up-do/loose buns/side braids since God knows when. Oh yeah, 2004.

So what does that tell us? We should never be afraid of wearing and doing whatever we want when it comes to Fashion. For all we know, in the years to come, what people laughed at you at would definitely be something that would inspire others to do one day. Like that girl who snickered and pointed at me saying I was wearing "Elephant Jeans", that it hasn't been "in" for years when they were actually "Wide Leg Jeans", something that was featured in TeenVogue the month before I got my hands on one.

Among many things Anna Wintour is right about, "There is something about Fashion that scares people." I hope you stop being one of them. This is our year, people!


Its never too late for a Christmas Wishlist

Because for all we know we'd still be wishing for them 'til next Christmas! But hopefully not all of them. Like the Topshop Card, The Blackberry Bold 9700, the Ikea Bed...Yeah.

Thank you.

Shopping Spree please.

J Brand Jeans

House of Harlow Accessories

Headpieces, and the Nagi Noda Hair Hat I've wanted since Christmas 2008.

Hair (as) accessories.

Fringed / Floral Printed Topshop Dresses

More MOTO Jeans, please

Pretty Toppys Booties , with the thigh-high Britanny I've drooled on IRL last week.

Tiffany & Co. Wedding Bands, white gold please, thankyouverymuch.

Dr. Dre's BEATS Headphones in Orange / Pink

Blackberry Bold 9700

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag and Chanel's 2.55 (photo not included)

13" MacBook Pro

THIS bed from Ikea


Is anyone willing to be my Santa this year? I can wait until next year, btw. No pressure.


You've Lost

I want to pretend, I want to pretend
The shape of the past could walk in the present tense
I'm shaking my head, you've certainly said
I don't like you much now

(Fffffound via Toppys)


Ya, that.



Formspring Kwezchunz # 2

I didn't include your names (fyi to those who did), but I'll mention it in my answers :)

Hello Abbie! Why are you so gorgeous? <3
Mar! Haha! You're such a sweetheart! Eee, thank you! Well, honestly I don't know why you think I am (I'm thankful though). Heehee! Much appreciated, Mar. Lovelove!

Hey Abs! I miss you! How are you spending Christmas this year? :)
I MISS YOU MORE, CHES! Goodness, its been ages since we last spent time together (online)! I miss you, srsly! Well, hmm. We're going to spend Christmas eve singing for God, and on Christmas day, we'll be with family friends. It's going to be really simple, just how its always been whenever we spend Christmas here. I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit much, sadly. Have you?

Hi can you be my wife?
Aww, but I've already been proposed to err, Janjalani (nice name, lol!) Thanks for asking though! Haha!

What do you want for Christmas?
Hey Mike! Sup? I miss e-mail chatting with you! Haha! Hope all is well on your side of the Earth. Okay, hmm. Now that you asked me that, what I really want is this:

Its the fourth cheapest bed in Ikea and I am in dire need of it.

Happy Holidays, Mike! Tell me what you want for Christmas! I'm sure its a ton more awesome than mine. Heehee! I'll post my Christmas wishlist soon as well.

Why did you move to the middle east? At since kelan kapa diyan? :) Hope you do not mind my question, if it's too personal I'll understand and you don't have to answer :)
I decided it was best to grab the opportunity to work abroad, in a place where my parents were. It wasn't hard to adjust and all since I spent 5 years here already prior to coming here. I started in 2007 :)

Lovin' ur style dear. What's the brand of the pink lipsy ur wearing?
Thank you very much, Gabrielle! :) Its from MAC. I love it too!

Where does all the inspiration to your fashion come from?
I love this question, Sarah! Heehee. A lot of things, actually. It's a mix of my childhood photos (for some reason), Paparazzi photos of my favorite celebrities, Hannabeth/Vanessa Hudgens/Agyness Deyn/Kate Moss, Fashion editorials from Nylon/Teen Vogue/Preview, Topshop's Lookbook, Movies, Music, My Lookbook can draw inspiration from almost everything you see, actually. I may not dress as awesome as the people I look up to but what I take is the confidence that they have to just dress and not care. I'm inspired to make everything blend with each other, you know? Make them work. Even if they really don't to most people.

Anyone up for Round 3? Then proceed HERE (or you can use the widget I've placed for you on my sidebar). This is fun! Wee!


New and Improved Formspring!

Thanks to Marianne Marcial for pointing me to a better direction! Lol.
My previous one sucked balls.
(This woman must OMNOMNOM first.)

P.S. Added the formspring widget here! --->



Aggy will always be an inspiration to me too.
I want to make this kind of music. One day, one day.



I used to hate Winter but since I find the cold to be a romantic season - I'm loving it now! Also, its the perfect time for leather jackets. And awesome pleather leggings. And layering. And what have you. Anyway, here's something I took at work earlier :

Please ignore the haggard face. Gah. Its too cold these days and Nofa told me it'll be raining until tomorrow. How awesome. I love the rain. I just pray that it doesn't rain on the rural areas cos they suffer the most.

So...since I've lost weight again, I barely wear my pretty dresses to work because they're all loose. I want them to be tight like they used to be on me. Boo. Anyway, what's the use of ranting. I have to start working on it like, right nao.


Meet THE white dress

I told Nofa,"If I get married in this dress, I won't take it out for three days." and that's for 2 reasons :

1.) Its too pretty
2.) It would cost me PHP312,000+

Byblos, ladies and gents. There you have it. But you have to admit, its gorgeous and would rock as THE white dress you'd wear on your (civil) wedding day! iDie. Speaking of white dresses, I found mine. It's Vintage, simple and lacey! I thought, '"Wow! I'm pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw, 'getting married in City Hall in a dress by Nobody'"(did I quote Anthony Marantino right?) I have to gain more weight to look smashing in it, though. Srsly, help me.

Force-feeding, anyone?


Formspring Kwezchunz # 1

Here it is! First round of Formspring Q&As! I didn't include your names (fyi to those who did), but I'll mention it in my answers :)

What was your course? :)

I took up Broadcast Journalism in DLSU-D :)

Abbielove, I miss you! ;) Are you doing okay now? Everything's fine? ;)
Yes, Mimilove! Broke, but life is good! Been feeling a lot of things lately, I think its the pent-up angst talking. Something I wasn't able to fully come to a close during my teenage years, ngayon lang lumabas. Haha! I've started not really wanting to talk to people much, for some weird reason. But I'm fighting it. I know I'll regret pulling off "my thoughts you can't decode" on my friends. I hope all is well with you Mimilove. Just send me an e-mail if you feel like sharing something, mmkay?

No question, just wanna say ALAAABYAAAA :* Hehehehe
I love you Cakey. I wish we talk more! Soon! I have to get this phase over and done with! Please let me know what's going on with you though. I miss you so much! I miss falling off my chair from laughing with you!

YOU ARE AWESOME. 'Nuff said. I love your style and I'm an avid reader of your blog.
You are the sweetest. Thank you SO much for saying that! Srsly. I hope I don't bore you with my recent blogposts, I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back, God knows. Please hang in there! Heehee! Thank you thank you, Denise!!

What is your favorite food?^^ (
OMGAH, Tey! I srsly find that question so hard to answer. I don't think I have a favorite one, I feel like it changes everyday! I guess I base it on what I crave for. So, I'm craving for a Froyo and Don Hen's Buffalo Wings. OMNOMNOM! /drools

I miss talking to you Ate Abs!! :)
Nininz?? I miss talking to you too! :( I pray all is well with you. We must chat soon!

Where on earth is my soulmate?
Oh. Why hello there, Gabrielle. Haha! You're srsly asking me that? Anyway, I'll play along. My answer would be : I wish I knew. But hey, finding the right person is fun!! .... Yeah! Also, you'll know it when your soul knows it. You'll understand when you experience it. It's coreshaking, I tell you!

FOR MORE KWEZCHUNZ (and fun) please leave them HERE. Kthxbai and see you see you see you! Love love love!


Pink Unglamorous

HELLO, IMPERFECTIONS! Damn, I hate my eyebrows. I'm currently growing them out. I want full, thick brows!

Umm, BOO?

Lol at the smug faces.

Lovin' the lippy! I'm getting it tomorrow. I had to argue with my Mom about it because obviously, I spent way too much the past 4 months. Do not want. I have to learn how to stop having clothes reserved, and think about the future. Yes, I mean the future as in 'there will be better clothes in the future to splurge on!' oh and yes, the future of my unborn child/ren as well.

Anyway, yesterday was surprisingly awesome. I went window shopping with my best gal pal, Nofa - and discovered that there were J Brand jeans sold here and I just lost it. Made friends with the salesman and he promised me something. Lol. I also had a dress reserved in Toppys but later on realized my poor little closet had no space to breathe anymore and that I have enough floral-printed dresses already (but in reality I'm just fighting the urge to disappoint my Mom with asking for additional munny to get the dress. Srsly, its too pretty to let go of. I also tried looking for a photo on Toppy's webpage but didn't find it which was my sign that I should just let it go. LET IT GO ALREADY, ABBIE!)

So there. Took photos with the fiancé, fell asleep with clothes I went to work to. Gross, yes. But sometimes it feels awesome! For reasons I do not know myself.

Life is awesome. Even if you're heartbroken cos you're flat broke. Sometimes I hate Topshop. I just love it way too much.




I hate this. Darkness. I've never lived with this before. I've always brought the sun around, kept it in my pocket, held it in my hand 'til I burned. I didn't mind. It was my weapon. It was my key.

I used to be so sure about myself but the past two years made me doubt so much about what I knew about life, love, everything.

Good things are happening to me now, that's for sure. But there's a downside. But then who am I kidding. There will always be a downside. Life doesn't give you everything you want. As shallow as this sounds, I miss modeling. I miss getting texts from style editors and writers and make-up artists booking me for shoots, asking if I'm free. I'm always free. Modeling was something I've always dreamt of doing. It was something I felt like, if not excel, then at least give me the confidence - that I was capable of doing anything I put my heart and mind into. To be honest I'm quite insecure of some of my friends who are still a part of it. I'm not even famous yet, but I was on my way of being a part of that, absolutely.

I'm thankful though that this is what I'm ranting about. I'd rather have this as the unsatisfying part of the story than anything else.

I still thank the Lord for all His blessings. 2009 was bittersweet for me. Here's to looking forward to 2010. To better things. To a better life.


Rest in Peace, Brittany.

I love you and you will be missed.
Clueless wouldn't have been the same without you.



Poseidon...look at me!



Most of my high school friends know I'm a Heart Evangelista fan. Never really admitted it when I went back to the Philippines for college, but okay, hmm... having said that now doesn't make it much of a secret. Whenever my friends compliment me that I look like her sometimes, I get really kilig cos I loved her since her first appearance in G-mik!, which I have recorded on tape. Yes, you read that right.

Whenever I'm bored, I look up photos of her on the intarwebs, and sometimes I notice that I have similar photos (angles) of myself. All I need are the Move, Free Transform, Opacity, Clone Stamp and Burn tools and voila!

Facematics 1

Facematics 2

I used to be ashamed of this fact but I figured there's nothing wrong in liking a local celebrity and I'm not one to brag but considering the fact that she is one of the prettiest faces on television makes me proud in a way when most of my friends say I look like her!

Okay, KMN.



"Daddy, I want another pony"
- Veruca Salt

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much! But here, check out a gift I got from one of our sponsors for the Holiday event last week. I lovey teh Pony!

Also, been sick for like 2 days now. So was Andrew, but thankfully he's okay, and I'm starting to feel much much better! Must report to work tomorrow.

I finished like three tissue boxes today.

I can't believe its 1 AM. In less than an hour, Andrew will be home and I haven't been napped yet!


Kate, Oh Kate.

I don't know, but no matter how overrated most people think you are, I just fooken love you forever. You are teh sexx.



I want to be just like Grace Coddington. I think she is beyond awesome.


Destroy me, This way...

"...What you touch you don't feel
Do not know what you steal
Destroy everything you touch today
Please destroy me this way..."

Goodness, its been 2 years since my McLovin' boys sent me this song, and I fell in love with it. After hearing it from THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, I can't help myself.

LSS. Awesome.