Formspring Kwezchunz # 1

Here it is! First round of Formspring Q&As! I didn't include your names (fyi to those who did), but I'll mention it in my answers :)

What was your course? :)

I took up Broadcast Journalism in DLSU-D :)

Abbielove, I miss you! ;) Are you doing okay now? Everything's fine? ;)
Yes, Mimilove! Broke, but life is good! Been feeling a lot of things lately, I think its the pent-up angst talking. Something I wasn't able to fully come to a close during my teenage years, ngayon lang lumabas. Haha! I've started not really wanting to talk to people much, for some weird reason. But I'm fighting it. I know I'll regret pulling off "my thoughts you can't decode" on my friends. I hope all is well with you Mimilove. Just send me an e-mail if you feel like sharing something, mmkay?

No question, just wanna say ALAAABYAAAA :* Hehehehe
I love you Cakey. I wish we talk more! Soon! I have to get this phase over and done with! Please let me know what's going on with you though. I miss you so much! I miss falling off my chair from laughing with you!

YOU ARE AWESOME. 'Nuff said. I love your style and I'm an avid reader of your blog.
You are the sweetest. Thank you SO much for saying that! Srsly. I hope I don't bore you with my recent blogposts, I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back, God knows. Please hang in there! Heehee! Thank you thank you, Denise!!

What is your favorite food?^^ (
OMGAH, Tey! I srsly find that question so hard to answer. I don't think I have a favorite one, I feel like it changes everyday! I guess I base it on what I crave for. So, I'm craving for a Froyo and Don Hen's Buffalo Wings. OMNOMNOM! /drools

I miss talking to you Ate Abs!! :)
Nininz?? I miss talking to you too! :( I pray all is well with you. We must chat soon!

Where on earth is my soulmate?
Oh. Why hello there, Gabrielle. Haha! You're srsly asking me that? Anyway, I'll play along. My answer would be : I wish I knew. But hey, finding the right person is fun!! .... Yeah! Also, you'll know it when your soul knows it. You'll understand when you experience it. It's coreshaking, I tell you!

FOR MORE KWEZCHUNZ (and fun) please leave them HERE. Kthxbai and see you see you see you! Love love love!


  1. Ate Abbie. :P I adore your fashion sense. I just adore. I just hope one day if i get a job, and have my own MASTERCARD. I would like you to give me an extreme makeover..NOT to me. My closet. i want it to be your choice :P Wakakakakaa!
    Q: Where does all the inspiration to your fashion come from?

  2. Ayee! Sarah, you are teh sweetest!!! <3 Haha OMG I'd love to do that, srsly?! I will answer that kwezchun together with the next Formspring post. The more, the merrier! Haha! <3