Formspring Kwezchunz # 2

I didn't include your names (fyi to those who did), but I'll mention it in my answers :)

Hello Abbie! Why are you so gorgeous? <3
Mar! Haha! You're such a sweetheart! Eee, thank you! Well, honestly I don't know why you think I am (I'm thankful though). Heehee! Much appreciated, Mar. Lovelove!

Hey Abs! I miss you! How are you spending Christmas this year? :)
I MISS YOU MORE, CHES! Goodness, its been ages since we last spent time together (online)! I miss you, srsly! Well, hmm. We're going to spend Christmas eve singing for God, and on Christmas day, we'll be with family friends. It's going to be really simple, just how its always been whenever we spend Christmas here. I haven't been feeling the Christmas spirit much, sadly. Have you?

Hi can you be my wife?
Aww, but I've already been proposed to err, Janjalani (nice name, lol!) Thanks for asking though! Haha!

What do you want for Christmas?
Hey Mike! Sup? I miss e-mail chatting with you! Haha! Hope all is well on your side of the Earth. Okay, hmm. Now that you asked me that, what I really want is this:

Its the fourth cheapest bed in Ikea and I am in dire need of it.

Happy Holidays, Mike! Tell me what you want for Christmas! I'm sure its a ton more awesome than mine. Heehee! I'll post my Christmas wishlist soon as well.

Why did you move to the middle east? At since kelan kapa diyan? :) Hope you do not mind my question, if it's too personal I'll understand and you don't have to answer :)
I decided it was best to grab the opportunity to work abroad, in a place where my parents were. It wasn't hard to adjust and all since I spent 5 years here already prior to coming here. I started in 2007 :)

Lovin' ur style dear. What's the brand of the pink lipsy ur wearing?
Thank you very much, Gabrielle! :) Its from MAC. I love it too!

Where does all the inspiration to your fashion come from?
I love this question, Sarah! Heehee. A lot of things, actually. It's a mix of my childhood photos (for some reason), Paparazzi photos of my favorite celebrities, Hannabeth/Vanessa Hudgens/Agyness Deyn/Kate Moss, Fashion editorials from Nylon/Teen Vogue/Preview, Topshop's Lookbook, Movies, Music, My Lookbook can draw inspiration from almost everything you see, actually. I may not dress as awesome as the people I look up to but what I take is the confidence that they have to just dress and not care. I'm inspired to make everything blend with each other, you know? Make them work. Even if they really don't to most people.

Anyone up for Round 3? Then proceed HERE (or you can use the widget I've placed for you on my sidebar). This is fun! Wee!