Meet THE white dress

I told Nofa,"If I get married in this dress, I won't take it out for three days." and that's for 2 reasons :

1.) Its too pretty
2.) It would cost me PHP312,000+

Byblos, ladies and gents. There you have it. But you have to admit, its gorgeous and would rock as THE white dress you'd wear on your (civil) wedding day! iDie. Speaking of white dresses, I found mine. It's Vintage, simple and lacey! I thought, '"Wow! I'm pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw, 'getting married in City Hall in a dress by Nobody'"(did I quote Anthony Marantino right?) I have to gain more weight to look smashing in it, though. Srsly, help me.

Force-feeding, anyone?


  1. So when is the civil wedding? City Hall and dress by Nobody? hmm. What about the shoes? Carrie Bradshaw with a twist. Asian Twist. :P

  2. WAH! Heehee! IIIIIISH! <3 I know, I haven't found the shoes yet! I have to, I have to! Haha! :) The civil wedding will be early or mid 2010. Heehee!