"Daddy, I want another pony"
- Veruca Salt

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much! But here, check out a gift I got from one of our sponsors for the Holiday event last week. I lovey teh Pony!

Also, been sick for like 2 days now. So was Andrew, but thankfully he's okay, and I'm starting to feel much much better! Must report to work tomorrow.

I finished like three tissue boxes today.

I can't believe its 1 AM. In less than an hour, Andrew will be home and I haven't been napped yet!


  1. Abbie! This reminds me of Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats. :x

  2. IKR? Me too! :D I had a toy figurine back in 2007 and I named it Princess Sparkle! Haha! <3