Pink Unglamorous

HELLO, IMPERFECTIONS! Damn, I hate my eyebrows. I'm currently growing them out. I want full, thick brows!

Umm, BOO?

Lol at the smug faces.

Lovin' the lippy! I'm getting it tomorrow. I had to argue with my Mom about it because obviously, I spent way too much the past 4 months. Do not want. I have to learn how to stop having clothes reserved, and think about the future. Yes, I mean the future as in 'there will be better clothes in the future to splurge on!' oh and yes, the future of my unborn child/ren as well.

Anyway, yesterday was surprisingly awesome. I went window shopping with my best gal pal, Nofa - and discovered that there were J Brand jeans sold here and I just lost it. Made friends with the salesman and he promised me something. Lol. I also had a dress reserved in Toppys but later on realized my poor little closet had no space to breathe anymore and that I have enough floral-printed dresses already (but in reality I'm just fighting the urge to disappoint my Mom with asking for additional munny to get the dress. Srsly, its too pretty to let go of. I also tried looking for a photo on Toppy's webpage but didn't find it which was my sign that I should just let it go. LET IT GO ALREADY, ABBIE!)

So there. Took photos with the fiancé, fell asleep with clothes I went to work to. Gross, yes. But sometimes it feels awesome! For reasons I do not know myself.

Life is awesome. Even if you're heartbroken cos you're flat broke. Sometimes I hate Topshop. I just love it way too much.



  1. Abbie, great to see you back. You look radiant!
    I know it is a battle resisting new threads all the time... I have decided to clear out my closet this holiday period - there are a lot of pieces I hardly wear. I'll give them away to similarly sized friends!

  2. Mike!!! So nice of you to leave a comment! :) And good for you! I wish I could do the same but I'm obsessed with everything in my closet. That's sad. And thank you! I lost a LOT of weight though. My goal is to gain more meat by early next year! BTW, I'll post your feature here one of these days, I miss blogging about fashion! :(