Featured Fashionista : EUNICENA ALERA

Trendy and Laidback. What I like most about her looks is that its a perfect mix of effortless + something that takes time to put together. The pieces are easy, but it isn't something you'd think would go together. She definitely has an eye for that. I'm a sucker for people who don't really follow trends, but make their own, it doesn't really matter if people like it, or get it, but one at look at Euni, you'd think, "She knows what she wants and she makes it work". In Fashion, that's all that matters : Be inspired and make it yours.

Eunicena Alera

1.) Place of Birth
Quezon city, philippines.

2.) Other interests aside from Fashion
Architecture. interior design. and anything that's design-related.

3.) What/Who are your inspirations ,fashion-wise?
Omm. When someone asks me 'bout this inspiration-thing, i go mentally-blocked for I have tons. I never liked fashion when I was young. I dunno anything 'bout it... I just got hooked in making accessories and jewelries when I was 10... and then I started to embrace fashion. I must say that the passion in me is just the influence of everything that surrounds me (though my heart has always been into arts) browsing magazines and having an icon - is a big help to grow in love with fashion and to build your own style... I believe that there's no such thing as original. People get inspired on anything that they like or has passed to their 'taste'. You couldn't be hooked with what you don't like, right? and yes! Blogs.. people you bump into.. street style, those really influence me.

4.) Do you usually pick out what to wear or do you spontaneously put an outfit together?
I don't usually have an idea on what i'm gonna wear each day. I just pull anything on my closet.. something loose.. skinny bottom.. or just whatever my mood wants me to put on or how I feel.

5.) Who would you say is your biggest influence with how you see fashion or dressing up?
I never shared this to anyone.. The olsens have embraced my life in fashion. When I started to notice them way back in grade school, i think.... i got hooked on everything they do. they're like my age but they've gone so far.. their success in business.. as designers.. had inspired me to do what i love and just continue what i've started - the shops i want to build. they're like my private icon. and what impresses me is how they use their strength to express their character, personality, emotions.

6.) What is one fashion staple every fashionista should have in their closets?
Anything black and white : might be pants or dress. A white unique top plus oh-so-pretty shoes.
They just go with any outfit.

7.) Other people find it rather difficult to express themselves through fashion, and would choose to conform to what most would say is "cool" or "in season". What tip/advise would you give them to let their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
One thing I believe when it comes to having a great style is wear what you love that make you one happy person. Wear something that you like to see you having on. but how would you know if this outfit is 'YOU'? you might like those old Grandma's wellies, but can't find way how to because it's not the 'wellies season'. You love vintage but you can't stand the fact that it's the urban thing now that people are wearing edgy clothes. mixing and matching styles and trends will always hit the fashion arena. it's sort of what I love when I put an outfit together or when I design, that two person can each have the same style but make it individual.

Check out Euni on LookBook / Tumblr / Multiply.


Featured Fashionista : KARL LEUTERIO

If he didn't catch your eye, you should get yourself checked. Its kind of rare to find someone who gets Fashion. You know? The 'There are no rules, I'm not a slave to the latest trends, FUUU I'll wear whatever I want to, I deliver every single time, booya!' type. That's what I thought first when I saw Karl. You can't say he's the next (insert name here), but he's gonna make it alright, he just won't be there sharing anyone else's spotlight.

Karl Leuterio

1.) Place of Birth
Manila... grew up in Vito Cruz

2.) Other interests aside from Fashion?
Hmm. I dunno but I love to sketch and sing..I also love reading. from Teen Vogue to Anne Rice's novels

3.) What/Who are your inspirations, fashion-wise?
Personally, im amazed mostly w/ bloggers and editors . Bryanboy for his brave take on gender bender fashion, Charles Guislain, Kate Lanphear,Damir doma to name a few..

4.) Do you usually pick out what to wear or do you spontaneously put an outfit together?
I just randomly pick the outfits I wear.. Its kindov weird coz I scan blogs to be inspired for that day. I dont normally plan an outfit, I hate schemes and I suck at it (hehe).

5.) Who would you say is your biggest influence (with how you see fashion and dressing up)?
Hmm...maybe its not a who but more of a what. In general, I was influenced by fashion.. Thru magazines, television, prints.. and the like.

6.) What is one fashion staple every fashionista should have in their closets?
Definitely, a pair of killer boots and a fierce bag...

7.) Other people find it rather difficult to express themselves through fashion, and would choose to conform to what most would say is "cool" or "in season". What tip/advise would you give them to let their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
I so can relate to that. Mostly, people in the Philippines would die going round and round in the mall looking for a perfect bag to match their shoes. I guess, I'd advise them to learn to stay away from the GENERICS and to find clever ways to be unique and stand out. Being creative by doing DIY'S are fun and cool too. I would usually look up to people who know how to.

Find out more about Karl through LookBook / Chictopia and his Blog.


But inside, you're just a little baby

Current LSS. Srsly the vid is awesomeness, too! Co-directed by one of my favorite photographers/artists, RANKIN :) Woo, Marina & The Diamonds! What's not to love.

"You've been acting awful tough lately/Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately/But inside, you're just a little baby/It's okay to say you've got a weak spot/You don't always have to be on top/Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you're not..."


"I'm a Mouse! Duh?!"

Drew and I always find ourselves lolling over that scene in Mean Girls. Anyway, because of my obsession with this trend, and the fact that I have not seen mouse / bunny ears sold here, I was inspired by one of my favorite people in LookBook who drew mouse ears on her photo to improvise this trend, so I made use of the free time I had in the office to doodle them on my head. Hope you like it too. I used my most recent cammyho photos. I want to try doing them with stockings.

Also, I want to own a Batman mask (the half version) and like, lots and lots of headdresses. Fudge darn it.


Pomplamoose / The XX

My PinnyGee told me about them last night and they're made of pure awesome. And because we always have song ex sessions, I made her listen to tunage that Spikks influenced me with, which is The XX, whose song "Stars" was on repeat mode on my Sheldon Earloot (my iPod) for an entire week on my way to work (its a long drive). See video after the jump! Eargasm, yes. Alert alert alert.


Peace, Bro

Wild, Frizzy Hair. Bathroom Tiles. Crew Tee. One bored girl... VOILA. One way to kill depression (or at least fight insanity), is vanity.

I love my Tee. I got it from Topman while I was getting Andrew some stuff. Haha. When he got home, I showed it to him but convinced him he wouldn't like it since he's not a fan of the great John Lennon (more like what he believes in... or, err doesn't). I love him for his music though, and his passion to fight for what he believes is right, hoping for unity and peace.

I love the photo (on the tee), too. I printed it last year and stuck it on my wall.

I have so many ideas in my head, I wish I have more time (and options on places) to shoot in. I've been making much use of the self-timer mode through the years. I just wish Drew and I could bond over shooting again! Its just so much fun when its done with the Fiancé.


Not so tough now, are ya?

I've been taking advantage of my health these past few months. I'm not eating on time, not sleeping right, not taking my vitamins. I'm stressed about so many things, but can't really show it. Life's been good, thank God. Its also been tough.

Hmm. How do I say this without sounding melodramatic.

"I feel like I'm going to pass out if I take 5 more steps to the copier." How's that? I've been coughing for more than 2 weeks now, my asthma's gotten really bad. I've never used a nebulizer my entire life, but I did, two days ago. I've been crying last night, I was dealing with massive head ache, back ache, tummy ache, and I've been wanting to throw up, but nothing comes out. 

Of course I had time to take photos during.
(Please ignore my messy brows, I'm growing them out!)

My point is I've never felt this weak, in...ever. 

I told God, "Better me, than my Mom." She's been feeling pain in her lower back these past few days. God is good, of course - her bone scan results turned up okay. But seeing her in pain, leaving me helpless... well, I don't know if you've ever felt that way before. The stress of having to deal with seeing loved ones suffering, whether its physically, emotionally, mentally - its different from having to deal with your own troubles. If you're in pain, you know where to treat it exactly, you know what to do about it. But when its your Mom, or your Dad, or your siblings,or your Fiancé, just sitting there, holding them, talking them through it, well... I'm not  really sure that's helping at all. She's been really emotional these days, I can't blame her for that. Same goes for my Dad. Seeing them like that always makes me wish I had the power to do something. Something to help both of them feel better. But I sit on my bed, face Andrew's laptop and escape.

If there was one moment that would make me cry over and over again, it would be the time my Mom was down with the fever and she was crazy-shivering in bed next to me, and I was by her side, wrapping my small arms around her with Pops' jacket. I kept telling myself, and God that it wasn't supposed to be like this. That I should've been the one with the fever, and my Mom caring for me. Not that I'm rotten spoiled to want pampering, I just felt like its not how things were supposed to be. 

I've been arguing with her these days. I know she'll be fine, we claim that. I just don't like seeing her in pain. And its not something she could help, either. I'd rather she be honest with how she feels than pretending to be fine for our benefit.

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying this has been causing me to be this. Whatever this is. Whenever Andrew tells me something he isn't happy about, I blame it on myself. I feel like there was something I should blame on me. If you ask me "Why", I wouldn't know what to say. I can't even answer the question to myself.

My faith was shaken, but not anymore. I'm on a much stable ground, which is why I think the devil is testing me. It could be God, too. I know He's not leaving any of us, I know I'm not alone in this. But my flesh can only bear so much. For now, at least.

Praying for better days.



Been on a fashgrabbing spree today. Obsessed with these photos. Been looking at them over and over since this morning!

(All images Fffffound via F'NISING)



Bad Abbie, Bad Abbie!

I'm mean, aren't I? I saw this today and it was the first thing that came to mind. Oh no, no more of that, eternal Joy nalang! Haha! I'm deleting it now and just replacing the whole sentence I wrote with better words. I know if I leave it like that, God will punish me in some way. It felt good saying it out loud, though.


Formspring Kwezchunz # 6

heyya, abbie! saw you in 17 way back. :) This is not a quessie, just want you to know that your blog shows that you're real--far, far from a ditz. :)
Why are you so sweet <3 I wish you left your name at least so I can thank you! I will never get tired of saying this, but its really people like you anyway who inspire me to keep it as real as I can. So thank you, I owe it to people like you who remind me that its okay to be the person that I am. Bless your sweet heart <3

Hi Ate Abs! I hope you're doing fine, I talked to Kuya Jay and he said you only get like, 4 hours of sleep? Take care Ate Abs! I miss you <3
YES! Goodness, me and Drew's sched is just cuhrayzay! But we're adjusting, and I'm getting my body clock fixed so I can sleep din naman as much as I can. I need to, I've really lost a lot of weight and I hate it! :( Don't be like me, Nininz mmkay? Sleep and eat right! HUGG!

I've been inactive in Tumblr and Twitter so I don't hear much from them too. *sad bear* I miss everyone!! <3
Aww, that's okay. Haven't been on both much either! It is, I'm still praying for the best. Love you, Lee!!! <3

So I just checked my email.. and yes, you did send the answers already! hahaha. Oooops, my bad. I'll just grab them from your LookBook, yes? My blog is http://callmejessica.blogspot.com! Linked you already :)
Awesome, Jessbaby! Will do! <3 Thanks, and tell me when the link is up eh? :)

When are you going home here? :-)
Wee, Mar!! This December! :)

Hii. Does it really take forever for Lookbook to mail you for joining it, for invitation?
I don't really know, I don't ask my friends who've asked me to send them an invite, heehee! My friend Izza Garcia sent me an invite to join, and I wasn't even aware of LookBook at the time. Thank God I checked my other e-mail address (where she sent it) and there were four other notifications from LookBook reminding me that I should accept the invite, so I don't really know how long it takes :(

I've just noticed that you're quite tan before. How did you managed to be whiter and have a greater looking skin? What skin products do you use? :)
I'm really fair skinned, actually. But I was way too obsessed with tanning and tanning products so I ended up tan the past few years (especially college), but when I flew back to Jeddah, my 'real' skin tone came back. I switch skin products too, I get bored easily. Recently I've been using Vaseline's Cocoa Butter lotion. Soap doesn't really matter, but I exfoliate twice, thrice a week. For me the best brands to use are Kiehl's and L'occitane. Pricey but totally worth it! :)

abbss.. How can you manage all of your websites? ahaha you have a lot! btw, I admire your creativity! :) mwaa <3
I srsly have no idea either. I barely update my Tumblr but I've been reblogging a lot. Haha! I'm on Facebook everyday, though. Don't really log on Twitter anymore. And thank you for saying that! It means a lot that someone like you would notice. Mwaaah! :)

Hey Abbs. Followed youuu! Stay beautiful!! :)
Followed you back!! Thanks Dinds, you too! <3 Keep in touch mmkay? I just wrote you a wall post 30 minutes ago! Haha!

For more fun, go here! Or use my Formspring widget on the sidebar <3 Love you guys!


Your life, Your Truth.

When you're trying to defeat a devil, the battle isn't very easy to win. But if you remain on your best, and stay as calm as you can, with God on your side? The battle may not be easy, but you'll surely win it.

I don't even know how I can begin to explain this. If I be too honest, the truth could be used against me - but its the only way to be able to explain my side of the story.

She told a common friend that she wants to be my friends with me and that she doesn't want to be in any sort of "trouble", and that she wishes to sit down with me and Drew one day to explain her side, and that she only did it because he initiated.

It was kind of hard for me to believe because in the first place, after I confronted her about everything I found out, she ended up cussing me and calling me and Drew liars after he fessed up and admitted everything to me. She said stuff like he was making up stories of what really happened, that he was running after her. It ruined me so much, I thought I wasn't going to survive any of it, and whatever was coming my way.

Believing Andrew's side of the story, some people call me biased. Like, "Of course you'd believe him. But what if she's telling the truth?" ... Thinking about the possibilities can drive me nuts. But here's the thing : Apart from God really knowing the truth, ONLY YOU CAN SAY WHO YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IN. I'm not fooling myself, God knows. I believe Drew because he may have lied to me but he's not being dishonest this time, about anything. He's always admitted his faults. He's always said I can't just blame the other person without blaming him, because he made a mistake too. Which is totally the opposite of what she's doing. And yet she says she 'understands' why I'm so mad after what she did.

I can't believe how much of her friends and some of my friends she manipulates with all the twists and lies she does. It bothers me so much that to them, Andrew is the bad guy. He made a mistake, but he certainly isn't the person she's trying to tell everyone he is. I can't change how people see him, I know that. I don't control the way they think - but I love Andrew, so much. And I don't want people thinking of him that way. But he doesn't care. He always tells me he knows the truth anyway, and the rest are just outsiders. Besides, he knows his mistake. He can't change that, and he's gotten over it, so why fight to clear his name?

I wonder if I'm ever going to get over her. I'm kinda sick of it, but I'm also kind of obsessed with getting back at her. But I have to remember that this is not my battle, but God's. I just don't know how I can make any of you understand the pain I still feel whenever I think about her.
But I shouldn't. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on people like her.

When will my own words ever sink in to my puny brain?


Formspring Kwezchunz # 5

YAY! First Formspring post for 2010!

I heard you're getting married! :) Congratulations!! >:D<
Thank youuuu! :) We're still talking about the date! But the wedding here is gonna be really simple, since civil lang naman muna siya. Hehe! :)

So, are you still with me for 2010? Of course, Abbie!! :) Happy New Year! <3
Aww!! Thanks Leebaby! I don't hear much from you guys anymore, nakakamiss na kayo ah!!! <3

Abbie... abbie... I'm your fan! Stay beautiful.
WAH! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

Miss you too Ate Abs! You should do a cover of Misguided Ghosts! :) That would be awesome. I would do one but my camera's not yet fixed. Dapat mag "in-your-face" ka sa mga gusto umagaw kay (kuya) Andrew! Haha, I would give anything to see their reactions
Nininz, I did, but it sucks! Haha! Maybe I'll post it on my Imeem FTL. Hahaha! :D When I see Grace in person, even after 2 years - I still might do something. Hahaha! :D

how old are you Abbie? :)
I'm 23 :)

Aww, Ate Abbie. I hope you're mom's fine. Stay strong, okay? You have lots of friends that are here for you. That includes me :) Let me give you a huuuuug!
Thank you so much, Mela. I really need those, cyberhugs count, you know? :) But prayers are all we need. You are such a sweetheart that's why I love you! <3

Hi Ate Abbie! Kamusta? :)
Okay lang? ... Haha! Oh, Jenny. I always add a question mark cos I'm not really sure... Is that possible? Heehee!

Abbie! I'm still waiting for that questionnaire I sent you!:P All good, though. I have a new blogspot too! Clean slate. I'm linking you :) Anywaaaaayyyy... If you could style anyone in the world, who would you style and why?
WAH! I sent it already, didn't I? /bites nails
All I need to send are the photos but I doubt I'll be taking any new ones soon so you can just grab them from my LookBook if you want! Heehee! I'll link your blog, Jess!! <3

hey abs. I love your new blog.
Francie!! Thank you for 'stopping by', hope you do more often! Do you have a new blog URL? So I can link it here :)

hi abbie! ive been reading your blog since nung dun kpa s outdated blog mu ng bblog..hehe..anyway, i just want you to know that im such a big fan! you inspired me sa mga writings mu esp. abt s love, un lng, godbless! nd gudluck s wedding!
Wow! <3 Thank you so much, Sarah! I'd love to write that way again, especially how I did in my first blog! :) People like you inspire me to find my mojo back! Please keep reading! Heehee! /hugs

what kind of editing do you do to your photos? those border thingies? :)
The ones on my blogspot? Its part of the blog's default posting settings :)

Atte Abs :)ilove calling you that.. hehe :) what makes YOU genuinely happy??:)
Haha! Hi Joana! So cute :) Being on the beach with Andrew makes me genuinely happy. Second to that has got to be splurging on Toppys goodies. Lol! But honestly its being in me and Drew's little bubble - our own world, and not worrying about anything the entire time. I'd want to have that again but in the situation I'm in, how can I NOT worry? /sigh

I have all the time in the world (on some days...labo!) to answer your questions so if you have any, leave them here - or you can always use the widget on my sidebar! Love you guys! Let's keep the peace!



On the first of January, this was my Facebook Status :

God knows, with everything I went through since 2007, well... I've had issues with my faith. I tried my best to push all the negativity aside, despite the things that continue to 'knock me down', but two days after I posted this on my Facebook, my Mom suddenly had back pain. She decided it was best to see her Oncologist, and as soon as she did, he decided she should be admitted to undergo a series of tests again just to make sure everything was still as okay as it was 2 months ago, as soon as she was done with all 6 sessions and 10 treatments.

She spoke to me earlier almost confirming to me that she might have to undergo Radiotherapy again, this time for her back.

Last night I was asking Andrew, "What do you do when you feel like you're starting to lose faith?" and he told me a lot of things. Most of them didn't really get to me.

I was all over the place yesterday, it was the worst case of Bipolar disorder I've seen myself have. I just didn't know how to feel. I was so scared. I still am. The optimistic side of me is fighting against the Pessimist and Realist I've started to become. Two things I hate the most. I figured, if I wanted to be an optimist again, I can't be a realist at the same time, unless I want to end up in a loony bin. It was a battle lost to the latter. I gave in to the devil, dictating me things. Bad things, taking away the last spark of hope I had left. I kept thinking, I've been trying to get up since the 21st of January of 2008. But whenever I do, I get hit on the knees. I am disabled.

Two months ago, my Mom's findings were okay, and I was hoping that that was it. It was finished and the battle has been won. It was over. But apparently life likes to test us a lot. Its all about the clichés : "Why did this happen to me?" 'What did I ever do to deserve this?" "Of all the bad people in the world, why me? Why us?" My Mom always tells me to never question God's ways, but I can't help it. I can't bear thinking about the worst.

My Dad never lost his faith to God. He's not perfect but he's trying to be the best person he can be. No wonder they decided to make him the second Pastor of our church. I want to ask him how I could find my way back but I'm sure I'll be scolded (and I won't blame him for it), but scolding is the last thing I need right now. I just want God to show me someone who can lead me back to Him. Or maybe I have to find Him myself.

Thinking about my recent Facebook status, I remembered this line from Evan Almighty :

"Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?"


I want to find my way back to you, Jesus. I'm sorry for doubting you for two years. I want to be home again, please lead me home. Please heal my Mom. Please help me believe you will. Please stop making me think that this is the same as the time when I prayed that something as horrible as Grace would never happen to me, but did. Please make me feel that this time, it's different. I'm sorry, please forgive me. I want to believe again. Please hear our prayers. I want my Mom to live a longer, healthy life. I want her to be at my wedding. I want her to get to see her grandchildren, I want to her to be around the same way my Mama Felly is. Please don't take her away. I want to believe that you won't. Please help me keep this hope, make my faith stronger in spite of whatever the Devil is working on to bring me down.

Oh and btw, God is certainly the King of all things, including perfect timing. I received this message from my favorite Facebook App just as I was about to post this entry :

I love you Jesus. I really do. And I'm sorry... I'm just hurt.