But inside, you're just a little baby

Current LSS. Srsly the vid is awesomeness, too! Co-directed by one of my favorite photographers/artists, RANKIN :) Woo, Marina & The Diamonds! What's not to love.

"You've been acting awful tough lately/Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately/But inside, you're just a little baby/It's okay to say you've got a weak spot/You don't always have to be on top/Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you're not..."


  1. it's a kewl video, abbie!:) it's unique, but yes it's awesome!:) how did you do the highlights on your entry btw?:) I super love your blog. glad you went back to blogspot!

  2. Ava! Thanks! I love her so much. Haha! :) Oh I dunno, I had to edit the entry to remove it. Dunno where that came from, lol. I KNOOOWWW I missed it here! <3