Featured Fashionista : EUNICENA ALERA

Trendy and Laidback. What I like most about her looks is that its a perfect mix of effortless + something that takes time to put together. The pieces are easy, but it isn't something you'd think would go together. She definitely has an eye for that. I'm a sucker for people who don't really follow trends, but make their own, it doesn't really matter if people like it, or get it, but one at look at Euni, you'd think, "She knows what she wants and she makes it work". In Fashion, that's all that matters : Be inspired and make it yours.

Eunicena Alera

1.) Place of Birth
Quezon city, philippines.

2.) Other interests aside from Fashion
Architecture. interior design. and anything that's design-related.

3.) What/Who are your inspirations ,fashion-wise?
Omm. When someone asks me 'bout this inspiration-thing, i go mentally-blocked for I have tons. I never liked fashion when I was young. I dunno anything 'bout it... I just got hooked in making accessories and jewelries when I was 10... and then I started to embrace fashion. I must say that the passion in me is just the influence of everything that surrounds me (though my heart has always been into arts) browsing magazines and having an icon - is a big help to grow in love with fashion and to build your own style... I believe that there's no such thing as original. People get inspired on anything that they like or has passed to their 'taste'. You couldn't be hooked with what you don't like, right? and yes! Blogs.. people you bump into.. street style, those really influence me.

4.) Do you usually pick out what to wear or do you spontaneously put an outfit together?
I don't usually have an idea on what i'm gonna wear each day. I just pull anything on my closet.. something loose.. skinny bottom.. or just whatever my mood wants me to put on or how I feel.

5.) Who would you say is your biggest influence with how you see fashion or dressing up?
I never shared this to anyone.. The olsens have embraced my life in fashion. When I started to notice them way back in grade school, i think.... i got hooked on everything they do. they're like my age but they've gone so far.. their success in business.. as designers.. had inspired me to do what i love and just continue what i've started - the shops i want to build. they're like my private icon. and what impresses me is how they use their strength to express their character, personality, emotions.

6.) What is one fashion staple every fashionista should have in their closets?
Anything black and white : might be pants or dress. A white unique top plus oh-so-pretty shoes.
They just go with any outfit.

7.) Other people find it rather difficult to express themselves through fashion, and would choose to conform to what most would say is "cool" or "in season". What tip/advise would you give them to let their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
One thing I believe when it comes to having a great style is wear what you love that make you one happy person. Wear something that you like to see you having on. but how would you know if this outfit is 'YOU'? you might like those old Grandma's wellies, but can't find way how to because it's not the 'wellies season'. You love vintage but you can't stand the fact that it's the urban thing now that people are wearing edgy clothes. mixing and matching styles and trends will always hit the fashion arena. it's sort of what I love when I put an outfit together or when I design, that two person can each have the same style but make it individual.

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  1. thanks abbie. sweeeet!
    i love your blog.
    looking forward to work w you. soooon.

  2. hi abi :) we follow each other on tumblr :)

    i came by your blog through karl :) haha

    nice blog btw :) mine is kinda a month old p lng :)

    anyways, congrats to the engagement :) *sweet*



  3. Euni!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to feature you! You awesome woman! :) Me too, I can't waiiiit!!!

    Grizelda, thank you so much!!! <3 Welcome to the world of blogging (that is if you just started! Heehee!) And thank you for congratulating me! :D I'll follow you too through Bloglovin' :)