Featured Fashionista : KARL LEUTERIO

If he didn't catch your eye, you should get yourself checked. Its kind of rare to find someone who gets Fashion. You know? The 'There are no rules, I'm not a slave to the latest trends, FUUU I'll wear whatever I want to, I deliver every single time, booya!' type. That's what I thought first when I saw Karl. You can't say he's the next (insert name here), but he's gonna make it alright, he just won't be there sharing anyone else's spotlight.

Karl Leuterio

1.) Place of Birth
Manila... grew up in Vito Cruz

2.) Other interests aside from Fashion?
Hmm. I dunno but I love to sketch and sing..I also love reading. from Teen Vogue to Anne Rice's novels

3.) What/Who are your inspirations, fashion-wise?
Personally, im amazed mostly w/ bloggers and editors . Bryanboy for his brave take on gender bender fashion, Charles Guislain, Kate Lanphear,Damir doma to name a few..

4.) Do you usually pick out what to wear or do you spontaneously put an outfit together?
I just randomly pick the outfits I wear.. Its kindov weird coz I scan blogs to be inspired for that day. I dont normally plan an outfit, I hate schemes and I suck at it (hehe).

5.) Who would you say is your biggest influence (with how you see fashion and dressing up)?
Hmm...maybe its not a who but more of a what. In general, I was influenced by fashion.. Thru magazines, television, prints.. and the like.

6.) What is one fashion staple every fashionista should have in their closets?
Definitely, a pair of killer boots and a fierce bag...

7.) Other people find it rather difficult to express themselves through fashion, and would choose to conform to what most would say is "cool" or "in season". What tip/advise would you give them to let their mood/personality speak through their clothes?
I so can relate to that. Mostly, people in the Philippines would die going round and round in the mall looking for a perfect bag to match their shoes. I guess, I'd advise them to learn to stay away from the GENERICS and to find clever ways to be unique and stand out. Being creative by doing DIY'S are fun and cool too. I would usually look up to people who know how to.

Find out more about Karl through LookBook / Chictopia and his Blog.


  1. thanksss so much.. i love u abbie! mwah mwah thanks im so honored..

  2. great post on karl :) he's been showing up everywhere lately.. :D

    i love the way your hair is now. :) you look good with it and job well done on the nice header.. :D

  3. Karl, love you too sweetie!!! You deserve it! You deserve every single thing (big or small) coming your way. You're going places!! Basta, don't forget us ha? Haha! :)

    Velire, thank you so much! And I know, right? He's too awesome for words!

    And thanks for complimenting me as well. I'm beginning to love my hair big time, too! Haha!