Formspring Kwezchunz # 5

YAY! First Formspring post for 2010!

I heard you're getting married! :) Congratulations!! >:D<
Thank youuuu! :) We're still talking about the date! But the wedding here is gonna be really simple, since civil lang naman muna siya. Hehe! :)

So, are you still with me for 2010? Of course, Abbie!! :) Happy New Year! <3
Aww!! Thanks Leebaby! I don't hear much from you guys anymore, nakakamiss na kayo ah!!! <3

Abbie... abbie... I'm your fan! Stay beautiful.
WAH! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

Miss you too Ate Abs! You should do a cover of Misguided Ghosts! :) That would be awesome. I would do one but my camera's not yet fixed. Dapat mag "in-your-face" ka sa mga gusto umagaw kay (kuya) Andrew! Haha, I would give anything to see their reactions
Nininz, I did, but it sucks! Haha! Maybe I'll post it on my Imeem FTL. Hahaha! :D When I see Grace in person, even after 2 years - I still might do something. Hahaha! :D

how old are you Abbie? :)
I'm 23 :)

Aww, Ate Abbie. I hope you're mom's fine. Stay strong, okay? You have lots of friends that are here for you. That includes me :) Let me give you a huuuuug!
Thank you so much, Mela. I really need those, cyberhugs count, you know? :) But prayers are all we need. You are such a sweetheart that's why I love you! <3

Hi Ate Abbie! Kamusta? :)
Okay lang? ... Haha! Oh, Jenny. I always add a question mark cos I'm not really sure... Is that possible? Heehee!

Abbie! I'm still waiting for that questionnaire I sent you!:P All good, though. I have a new blogspot too! Clean slate. I'm linking you :) Anywaaaaayyyy... If you could style anyone in the world, who would you style and why?
WAH! I sent it already, didn't I? /bites nails
All I need to send are the photos but I doubt I'll be taking any new ones soon so you can just grab them from my LookBook if you want! Heehee! I'll link your blog, Jess!! <3

hey abs. I love your new blog.
Francie!! Thank you for 'stopping by', hope you do more often! Do you have a new blog URL? So I can link it here :)

hi abbie! ive been reading your blog since nung dun kpa s outdated blog mu ng bblog..hehe..anyway, i just want you to know that im such a big fan! you inspired me sa mga writings mu esp. abt s love, un lng, godbless! nd gudluck s wedding!
Wow! <3 Thank you so much, Sarah! I'd love to write that way again, especially how I did in my first blog! :) People like you inspire me to find my mojo back! Please keep reading! Heehee! /hugs

what kind of editing do you do to your photos? those border thingies? :)
The ones on my blogspot? Its part of the blog's default posting settings :)

Atte Abs :)ilove calling you that.. hehe :) what makes YOU genuinely happy??:)
Haha! Hi Joana! So cute :) Being on the beach with Andrew makes me genuinely happy. Second to that has got to be splurging on Toppys goodies. Lol! But honestly its being in me and Drew's little bubble - our own world, and not worrying about anything the entire time. I'd want to have that again but in the situation I'm in, how can I NOT worry? /sigh

I have all the time in the world (on some days...labo!) to answer your questions so if you have any, leave them here - or you can always use the widget on my sidebar! Love you guys! Let's keep the peace!