Formspring Kwezchunz # 6

heyya, abbie! saw you in 17 way back. :) This is not a quessie, just want you to know that your blog shows that you're real--far, far from a ditz. :)
Why are you so sweet <3 I wish you left your name at least so I can thank you! I will never get tired of saying this, but its really people like you anyway who inspire me to keep it as real as I can. So thank you, I owe it to people like you who remind me that its okay to be the person that I am. Bless your sweet heart <3

Hi Ate Abs! I hope you're doing fine, I talked to Kuya Jay and he said you only get like, 4 hours of sleep? Take care Ate Abs! I miss you <3
YES! Goodness, me and Drew's sched is just cuhrayzay! But we're adjusting, and I'm getting my body clock fixed so I can sleep din naman as much as I can. I need to, I've really lost a lot of weight and I hate it! :( Don't be like me, Nininz mmkay? Sleep and eat right! HUGG!

I've been inactive in Tumblr and Twitter so I don't hear much from them too. *sad bear* I miss everyone!! <3
Aww, that's okay. Haven't been on both much either! It is, I'm still praying for the best. Love you, Lee!!! <3

So I just checked my email.. and yes, you did send the answers already! hahaha. Oooops, my bad. I'll just grab them from your LookBook, yes? My blog is! Linked you already :)
Awesome, Jessbaby! Will do! <3 Thanks, and tell me when the link is up eh? :)

When are you going home here? :-)
Wee, Mar!! This December! :)

Hii. Does it really take forever for Lookbook to mail you for joining it, for invitation?
I don't really know, I don't ask my friends who've asked me to send them an invite, heehee! My friend Izza Garcia sent me an invite to join, and I wasn't even aware of LookBook at the time. Thank God I checked my other e-mail address (where she sent it) and there were four other notifications from LookBook reminding me that I should accept the invite, so I don't really know how long it takes :(

I've just noticed that you're quite tan before. How did you managed to be whiter and have a greater looking skin? What skin products do you use? :)
I'm really fair skinned, actually. But I was way too obsessed with tanning and tanning products so I ended up tan the past few years (especially college), but when I flew back to Jeddah, my 'real' skin tone came back. I switch skin products too, I get bored easily. Recently I've been using Vaseline's Cocoa Butter lotion. Soap doesn't really matter, but I exfoliate twice, thrice a week. For me the best brands to use are Kiehl's and L'occitane. Pricey but totally worth it! :)

abbss.. How can you manage all of your websites? ahaha you have a lot! btw, I admire your creativity! :) mwaa <3
I srsly have no idea either. I barely update my Tumblr but I've been reblogging a lot. Haha! I'm on Facebook everyday, though. Don't really log on Twitter anymore. And thank you for saying that! It means a lot that someone like you would notice. Mwaaah! :)

Hey Abbs. Followed youuu! Stay beautiful!! :)
Followed you back!! Thanks Dinds, you too! <3 Keep in touch mmkay? I just wrote you a wall post 30 minutes ago! Haha!

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